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Looking for reliable and professional IT services in Stockport? Our team of local experts offers a wide range of services, including IT support, cloud solutions, cyber security, and more.

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Award-winning, IT Services in Stockport.

At Sharp, we're experts when it comes to IT services. We offer a diverse range of IT services in Stockport, tailored to meet the unique requirements of businesses in Stockport, Manchester, and the wider Northwest. Our comprehensive suite of products and services support you and your team. From tailored Managed IT Support to Cyber Security, our technical experts are on hand to assess and create a roadmap for your organisation.

Whether you operate an SME or a larger organisation, our extensive experience and diverse portfolio enable us to provide reliable IT solutions that empower your business regardless of size or sector. We pride ourselves on our people, the experience they have, and our holistic and multi-layered approach to IT. We get to know you and your organisation, becoming an extension of your team so we can work together to meet your goals. 

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IT Services in Stockport

A comprehensive range of IT solutions for organisations in Stockport

Managed IT in Stockport

Organisations have varying IT configurations and legacy infrastructure. You may be operating a small internal IT team, have a singular IT manager, or have no internal IT resource at all, every organisation is different. 

That’s why our Managed IT Services are tailored to you and your requirements. We aim to become your technology partner, creating a long-term partnership to support you in continuing to evolve your IT and technology infrastructure. 

By utilising Sharp's comprehensive managed IT support in Stockport, you can allow us to take complete control of your IT needs. This allows you to concentrate on your business whilst we handle the technical stuff. We can take care of everything, from the recruitment, training, and management of your IT team, to actively monitoring your IT systems (on-premise servers or whether data is hosted in the cloud), taking care of cyber security, managing, and executing significant projects, or ensuring your backups are functioning as they should.

Located in Stockport, our local team offers on-site technical consultation and 24/7 helpdesk support. We're flexible and can curate a service that suits you. So, if you’re an internal IT Manager seeking additional support or a business owner looking for an external provider, we can create something that works for you. 

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Cyber Security Services in Stockport

Enhancing and adapting your Cyber Security defenses is imperative in today's dynamic landscape, especially with the emergence of new threats like AI and phishing attacks. Overcoming this challenge can be daunting, underscoring the need for external expertise to evaluate your current security posture and fortify it against potential vulnerabilities.

At Sharp, we are experienced in implementing robust Cyber Security strategies and establishing resilient infrastructures for a diverse range of organisations. Collaborating closely with you, we implement tailored solutions to safeguard your organisation, its customers, personnel, and sensitive data.

Our approach to security is comprehensive and multi-faceted, meticulously examining every endpoint within your organisation. Our diverse range of Cyber Security services includes:

In addition to our technical solutions, we emphasise the importance of end-user training, obtaining accreditations like Cyber Essentials, and fostering a security-conscious culture within your organisation.

Choose Sharp for a proactive and holistic Cyber Security partnership, ensuring your business stays resilient in the face of evolving cyber threats

Cyber Security

IT Software in Stockport

Explore a comprehensive range of IT software solutions with our tailored services and products. 

As a member of the Microsoft partner network, our dedicated software team collaborates with our technical consultants. This approach ensures that you receive expert guidance in choosing the most suitable software solutions that not only meet your requirements but also yield a positive return on investment (ROI).

From cloud-based accounting software to Microsoft Azure. Our team are experts in advising you on the right software choices for your organisation. We have a broad selection of IT software in our portfolio including Microsoft 365, Power Platforms, Power BI, ERP, and Business Central. Our experts can also support you in sourcing software outside of our core portfolio. Count on us to navigate the intricate landscape of IT software, leveraging our partnership and expertise to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your business operations.

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Discover more about our IT Support in Stockport

Whether you require assistance with Cyber Security, cloud migration, or any other IT-related needs, our team is here to provide support. Serving the Northwest region from our Stockport office,  we specialise in creating comprehensive IT roadmaps to ensure your organisation is well-prepared for future challenges.

Sit down with our Stockport-based team, who will not only take time to understand the intricacies of your organisation but also act as an extension of your team. This unique approach positions us to offer effective IT and technology recommendations tailored to your specific requirements.

As our client, you gain access to our team of technical experts who go beyond traditional IT support. We provide insights into workplace technology, guiding you to make informed technology investments that align with your organisational goals. 

Count on us for comprehensive IT support in Stockport, ensuring your organisation stays ahead in the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

24/7 Helpdesk in Stockport

When it comes to IT, maximising uptime is essential. Any glitches or faults in your IT or technology can trigger widespread disruption within your organisation. That's why our 24/7 helpdesk serves as your dedicated point of contact for seamless support. Manned by expert professionals, our team listens attentively to your issues and promptly devises effective solutions. In cases where remote resolution is not feasible, rest assured that our detailed escalation procedures are in place to ensure a swift resolution to your problem.

Our helpdesk operates from 8 am to 6 pm during regular business hours. However, we recognise that IT support needs may extend beyond these hours, therefore, we offer a 24/7 helpdesk as an additional service for those requiring assistance outside the standard timeframe.

Opting for our helpdesk services brings numerous advantages. You'll enjoy instant support, minimised downtime, increased productivity, and comprehensive coverage, ensuring that your organization remains operational and efficient at all times.

Cloud Solutions Stockport

Many organisations are also taking advantage of cloud solutions. As more and more organisations move away from on-premise and server-based infrastructure. We can support clients in this transition to ensure they are reaping the benefits of cloud migration, such as:

  • Security
  • Flexibility 
  • Scalability 
  • Cost Savings
  • Productivity
Outsourced IT support in Stockport

Whether you possess limited internal IT resources or none at all, we tailor our outsourced IT support support levels and services to accommodate your unique situation. This might involve a hybrid approach, with our experts collaborating seamlessly with your existing team during peak periods, or a fully outsourced IT support model where we handle all your IT requirements.

Given the pivotal role that IT and technology play in your organisation, selecting a reliable partner with the right expertise is crucial for guiding investment and roadmap decisions. Our commitment is to alleviate the pressure on you and your teams, allowing you to concentrate on day-to-day tasks and business development while we manage the complexities of your IT landscape. Trust us to be the strategic IT partner that empowers your organisation to thrive in the ever-evolving technological landscape.

Backup and Disaster Recovery in Stockport

In the face of malicious cyber attacks or unforeseen natural disasters, the rapid recovery of your IT systems is paramount to minimising the impact on your organisation. At Sharp, we specialise in equipping you to navigate the unexpected.

Addressing a spectrum of challenges, from technical issues to human error, our Backup and Disaster Recovery service ensures you are well-prepared and protected with a robust IT disaster recovery plan. This comprehensive plan encompasses defined goals, clear responsibilities, detailed inventory, and streamlined procedures.

We empower you with the necessary tools to feel confident and prepared, recommending optimal backup solutions to safeguard the security of your data. In the unfortunate event of a worst-case scenario, rest assured that your data and systems are diligently backed up and protected, providing you with peace of mind during challenging times. Trust Sharp for resilient solutions that fortify your organisation against unforeseen disruptions.

Cyber Security Services in Stockport

Did you know a quarter of UK SMEs admitted to being breached in the last 12 months? That’s why your organisations Cyber Security infrastructure should be treated with the upmost importance. So too should your Cyber Security training for end-users. Employees act as your first and last line of defence, so it’s key you are treating them as a crucial part of your multi-layered Cyber Security architecture. 

Currently, many major cyber risks are not covered in IT Security Training for over half of UK SMEs. A concerning statistic given the increased sophistication of attacks which now leverage AI. 

Sharp provides a range of Cyber Security Services and guidance to support organisations across Stockport and the Northwest. Our managed Cyber Security Services identify, mitigate and proactively protect you against risks and attacks. 

Our local Stockport-based experts take a proactive and multi-layered approach to your Cyber Security and are on hand to guide you through a challenging IT landscape.

Microsoft Azure Services in Stockport

Microsoft Azure stands as a robust infrastructure platform that empowers businesses to seamlessly transition to the cloud or opt for hybrid solutions, maintaining certain services, data, or applications on-site.

With an ever-expanding array of cloud services, Microsoft Azure addresses the unique business challenges faced by your organisation. It grants you the freedom to develop, manage, and deploy applications using your preferred tools and frameworks. Leveraging our extensive experience at Sharp, we assist you in determining the most suitable approach for your business, and Azure's flexibility allows us to craft customised solutions tailored to your specific needs.

If you are considering migrating some or all of your infrastructure or services to the cloud, Microsoft Azure offers a host of benefits:

  • Security Compliance: Ensures the highest level of security in European data centers, compliant with stringent EU privacy regulations.
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee: Delivers uninterrupted business operations and ensures continuous system accessibility.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Hosting your servers in Azure leads to reduced costs associated with server warranties and electricity. With no upfront or capital expenses, you only incur manageable monthly charges.
  • Resource Optimisation: For applications with specific usage hours, costs can be saved by automatically adjusting server capacity or powering them off when not needed. Azure's ability to rapidly scale up server resources as required enhances operational efficiency.

Choose Microsoft Azure for a seamless and cost-effective cloud solution, and let Sharp guide you through the process of harnessing its full potential for your business.

Unified Communications in Stockport

From hybrid to remote working, it’s key your organisation use and leverage the right IT and technology to facilitate remote collaboration. 

Empowering employees to work securely from anywhere is key. Our Unified Communication portfolio enables this. Be it cloud-based software, telephony, and or video conferencing, we work with you to get the right balance in place. It’s our aim to get you adjusted and ready for modern and hybrid working. 

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We’re much more than just IT Services experts. We’re your workplace technology partner. 

We support our clients in Stockport and nationwide with their managed print, IT services, audio visual, furniture, and software solutions. From office refurbs to managed print, we create tailored solutions from our wide portfolio of products and services to suit your needs. We’re also flexible to your requirements, so we can create a tailored package of products, services, and solutions that works for every organisation large or small. 

Contact us today to discuss your IT needs. 

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