Document Management Software

In the Cloud or on your own servers, Sharp Document Management Software lets you capture, store, manage, share, and retrieve all of your business documents safely and securely. Any authorised user can access everything they need anytime, anywhere, and on any web-connected device – facilitating effective decision-making and effortless collaboration. 

Sharp Document Management Software also maintains a complete audit trail of all document activities, helping to ensure you are compliant with regulations such as GDPR. In addition, version control makes sure users always access the latest version of a document, helping with productivity and accuracy.

A document management solution will typically consist of four key features:

Capturing and organising documents: Upload documents into a document management system from any source such as email, scan, prints, or direct transfer from existing systems. Documents are classified according to their type, the data they contain, or even data held within an external system ensuring they can be rapidly retrieved.

Control access and increase clarity:  Implement controls on documents, allowing only those with the granted authority to view them, for example, HR documents can only be accessed by the HR team. With all documents being stored in a digital store, your entire organisation can access business-critical information at any time, quickly and more efficiently.

Increase and streamline collaboration between departments: By storing documents digitally, teams can share, annotate, route, and make decisions based on the same document. This helps with version control, reduces errors, and allows projects to be completed more efficiently.

Cloud-based hosting:  Removing the hassle and additional costs of managing your own servers and storage.

Consistent document infrastructure: Digital document management solutions can integrate with existing business software and systems such as ERP, CRM, automated workflows, and accountancy software.