Office workers in a modern co-working office space
Office workers in a modern co-working office space

Workplace Solutions

Collaborate in meetings and manage occupancy with innovative technology, all while making your employees comfortable with creative furniture solutions.

Innovate for a smarter working environment

The future is now - with hybrid and agile working now the norm, the smart office is already here, and Sharp has the technology and solutions to help businesses hit the ground running. Our smart workplace solutions are designed to create an environment of productivity and creativity - throughout your business.

Our wide range of office furniture solutions include everything from office desks and chairs to storage. Our furniture division work with you to make sure your employees have the working environment they require for maximum comfort and productivity, while also making your space practical and versatile.

Our Visitor Management system lets you increase visitor safety, improve occupancy management of the hybrid workplace and simplify the operation of technology, while shortening the journey time to get data and information where it needs to be - all from an app on your phone.

Office Furniture Solutions

As well as making sure you are using the space your have as effectively as possible, the furniture that you have in your office is vital to the comfort and productivity of your employees. Our team of space planners and designers work with you to make sure that the furniture you choose is right for both your space and the tasks your employees are completing. 

Our team is with you every step of the way, from initial interior design and space planning right through to installation and office fit out. 

People sat on ergonomic task chairs at wooden desks working

Visitor Management

With busy reception areas, waiting rooms, multiple entrances and exits to manage, it can be a challenge to keep track of who is passing through your premises - and uphold a high-level duty of care for those that do. 

Our Visitor Management system is an intelligent, secure and user-friendly solution designed to manage employee, guest and contractor registration and safety, on or off-site.

Not only does it free up more time for front desk staff, crucially it helps create a safer, more secure, more compliant, and more efficient working environment to protect the people and places that power your organisation.