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Firewall Protection

Keep your critical business systems and data safe from harm with Sharp’s comprehensive Firewall Protection. Network firewall security solutions are your first line of defence, using security rules to block specific traffic in and out of your network.

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Network Firewall Security

As cyber threats continue to become more frequent and ever more sophisticated, organisations of all sizes must remain vigilant and stay protected against emerging and potential risks. An effective, evolving and well-managed cyber security strategy complete with network firewall security is an essential layer to that protection.

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What is a firewall? What does a firewall do?

Network firewalls play a key role in safeguarding your business systems and data by protecting your network from outside threats. A firewall will deny network traffic that does not match the security rules or policies that you have put in place. As your business continues to grow and the systems you use hold more data across multiple platforms, you must be able to rely on your firewall protection as your first line of defence.

Sharp’s reliable Firewall Protection solution provides high levels of security for your modern business demands – giving you peace of mind that your network and the sensitive and valuable assets you hold are kept out of reach of undesirable third parties.

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Comprehensive firewall security, designed for your business

Having a managed Firewall Protection service in place helps you to comply with the standards set out in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As part of your managed service, the network firewall security device will be monitored by your IT team and any suspicious behaviour will be flagged immediately with urgent action being taken. Your outsourced IT team will carry out updates when there are new firmware releases and you will be provided with regular reports. So, you won’t have to worry – we’ll take care of everything for you. 

Sharp partners with Watchguard to be able to offer enterprise grade Network Firewall Security for intrusion prevention, anti-virus, threat detection & response, reputation defence, application control and blocking, data loss prevention and DNS monitoring.  

What’s more, we offer a range of other IT Services including IT Support, Endpoint Protection, Email Security and Hosted Telephony to keep you productive, safe and efficient every day you’re at work.

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