School Furniture

School furniture 

For over 40 years, Sharp has been supplying the UK education industry with tailored furniture solutions that fulfil a broad range of classroom functions, from school desks to school benches, dining furniture and storage solutions. 

When you purchase educational furniture from Sharp, you’re entering into a partnership with the one of the UK’s leading school furniture suppliers, who understand the need for cost-effective, functional seating, desk and storage equipment.   

Our team of experts will be on hand every step of the way to gain a thorough understanding of your requirements, before designing a comfortable, cost-effective solution that works for your organisation. 

Brightly coloured table, bookcases and wooden drawers in a primary school classroom

School furniture: what to consider 

All schools are different, in terms of the space available, budget, pupil demographic and health and safety requirements. We want to ensure that you’re purchasing the correct equipment, for the right reasons, and to the correct specifications. 

  • Budget - Before you start to look for furniture, you need to have an understanding of how much you’re able to spend. Education budgets are tight, and you need to ensure that you’re getting value for money. Work out how much of each unity you require, and work back from there. Establish a base cost before you start to think about any added extras. 
  • Shape and size - School furniture comes in all manner of shapes and sizes, from nursery tables and chairs to teacher seating. Each piece plays an important role in shaping your learning environments. Where floorspace is limited, figure out how best to use the space you’ve been provided with, to avoid any unnecessary purchases. Take adequate measurements of your learning spaces and take note of the dimensions of every piece of furniture that you’re looking to buy. 
  • Colours - Drab, boring school desks detract from the learning experience. Be mindful of colour co-ordinating your desks, chairs and tables so that your pupils feel refreshed and ready to learn, when they walk into a room.  
  • Materials - Whether it’s wood, plastic or metal, the materials your furniture is constructed of impacts on everything from price to durability and maintenance. Consider how individual pieces of furniture are going to interact together and scope out the materials accordingly.   
Blue and green plastic chairs with white desks in a secondary school classroom

Sharp’s range of school furniture products   

Our furniture range fulfils all the requirements of a modern educational establishment, from Early Years & Nursery furniture and above. There’s no need to deal with multiple suppliers – we have everything you require to build inspiring learning environments, all in one place.   

  • School desks and classroom chairs – Multi-purpose classroom furniture for teachers and pupils designed to provide comfort, enhance the learning experience and facilitate technology. 
  • School benches – Sturdy, durable benches for gymnasiums and classrooms that are built to last. 
  • School lockers – Secure, pupil-friendly lockers for classroom equipment, gym equipment and teaching supplies. 
  • School dining furniture – Communal dining tables with attached seating that are easy to set up, clean and store. 
School breakout area with sofa style seating, tables and wooden crates made into furniture with noticeboards mounted on the wall