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Cloud Solutions

Our cloud solutions run on the internet rather than locally on your devices. Use them to run applications, deliver content, store and manage data, all you need is the Internet.

What is the Cloud?

Terms such as ‘the Cloud’, ‘cloud solutions’, 'cloud connectivity' or ‘cloud computing’ refer to software and services that run on the Internet, rather than locally on your devices. Cloud solutions are used to run applications, deliver content, and store and manage data. Cloud servers are typically found in dedicated, secure data centres. 

What are the benefits of using cloud solutions? 

Cloud solutions are constantly changing and evolving as the technologies we use every day become more sophisticated. Businesses can take advantage of a whole host of benefits by hosting their systems, software and apps in the cloud, they include:  


Cloud computing services and solutions have an extra layer of security built in to help protect your apps, business data and IT environment from unauthorised personnel.


By hosting files and data in the cloud, and granting your teams access via the Internet, employees can work from anywhere – home, at a café or hotel – or on the go.  


Cloud solutions provide greater mobility and scalability. Adding or removing users as your business flexes is straightforward, giving businesses more control and ensuring your teams have access to the systems they need, when they need it.

Cost Savings

The cost of maintaining physical on-site servers can be extremely high. By hosting data in the cloud, cloud computing removes the need to budget for large upfront costs and ongoing fees for the maintenance of onsite assets. 


By removing the need for on-premise equipment and utilising cloud systems, businesses are able to make better use of their IT staff, freeing up time to focus on other priorities. Internal teams are able to collaborate more efficiently, by accessing central files and data remotely.

Cloud solutions from Sharp 

At Sharp, we understand that a one size fits all approach is ineffective, and that every business has a different set of technological needs. We’ll work with you to understand your business goals, before developing an IT roadmap to help you achieve them.

To bring their partner competencies in line with modern cloud technology, Microsoft announced their plans to retire their gold and silver competencies - which we had successfully achieved 12 of - in favour of a new Solution Partner Designations. We currently hold 3 out of the 6 new Microsoft Partner Designations, which are more challenging to achieve, but by achieving these it shows that MSPs (Managed Service Providers) have the necessary skills and experience to deliver Microsoft cloud solutions.

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Cloud Desktop

Cloud Desktop, often referred to as Desktop as a Service (DaaS) or Virtual Desktop, is designed to facilitate collaboration and increase efficiency. Cloud Desktop is a flexible solution in which your desktop is stored online, meaning your team can access their desktop and apps from anywhere at any time.

Sharp’s Cloud Desktop solutions are built on Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure technology to enable your teams to work on any device, from any location, at any time. Cloud Desktop solutions are ideal for organisations that need their teams to be able to work flexibly, remotely, from any location, and with no drop or disruption to productivity. In contrast to traditional desktop setups, virtual desktops offer immediate deployment, regular updates, and adaptable monthly pricing, all with the support of our expert Sharp Helpdesk. 

Microsoft 365

Sold for one simple and affordable fixed monthly fee, Microsoft 365 Business Basic & Standard allows businesses to run critical Microsoft services, from the cloud. With Microsoft 365, you can: 

  • Access your emails 
  • Use the latest versions of Microsoft’s apps 
  • Protect your data with added security features 
  • Enjoy instant messaging and collaboration with Microsoft Teams 
  • Utilise SharePoint as a company intranet and data management system 

Microsoft 365 Business Premium offers the productivity of Microsoft 365 Business Basic & Standard, with advanced security and device management capabilities. 

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure provides businesses with unrivalled flexibility and choice when planning and building a cloud-based infrastructure. The platform can be used to migrate a business to the cloud, or be utilised as a hybrid solution, with certain services and applications remaining on-site. 

With Azure, you can: 

  • Benefit from the highest levels of security, with Microsoft’s European data centres meeting strict EU privacy and GDPR laws
  • Reduce the risk of downtime by removing aging hardware from your network 
  • Eliminate upfront costs, making monthly budgeting far easier 
  • Enjoy full compatibility with modern operating systems and devices 

Complete Recovery

Complete Recovery is our cloud backup & disaster recovery service, designed to replicate your IT environment securely within the cloud, ensuring business continuity should the worst happen.

Complete Recovery lets you reboot quickly from a recently saved version of your environment in the event of a disaster, or you can continue to operate from backup hardware whilst your data is being restored.  

What are the main causes of data loss and downtime?

Human error 

Whether it’s deleting a document or clicking a malicious link, accidents do happen. 


From phishing and ‘man in the middle’ attacks to malware, data theft, or corruption. 

Hardware failure

Ageing hardware can be a real pain, and it’s not cheap to fix. 

Hardware theft or loss

All it takes is a single opportunity for a thief to steal a business device, such as a laptop, containing confidential files.

Natural disaster

Natural disasters are few and far between, fires and floods do happen, and they have the potential to destroy most, if not all, of your precious onsite assets. 

Power outage

Unexpected power outages cause electrical damage and major disruption. 

Complete Hosted Telephony  

Meticulously designed with ease-of-use in mind, Complete Hosted Telephony is our cloud VOIP service that uses the Internet to provide your business with telephony services, rather than via traditional landlines.  

The software is fully featured, 100% cloud based, and compatible with smartphones, Windows laptops and Apple Macs. This enables your teams to make and receive calls smarter, and safer, from anywhere in the world.

How flexible working has driven the shift to cloud computing

Flexible Working

Businesses are increasingly adopting cloud computing solutions due to the rise of flexible working practices. Cloud technology enables employees to access company resources, applications, and data from anywhere, anytime, and on any device with an internet connection. This flexibility allows remote workers to collaborate seamlessly, and boosts productivity, all while enhancing that work-life balance.


Scalable Solution

Cloud-based solutions eliminate the need for traditional on-site IT infrastructure, which reduces costs and the complexity of maintenance. Scalability and agility are key benefits of cloud computing, enabling businesses to easily scale resources to meet fluctuating demands. Cloud computing services offer robust security measures and data backup, ensuring business continuity and mitigating the risks that are often associated with physical office locations.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is an example of cloud based service that allows teams to easily access and share files and collaborate on projects using one the programmes and apps within the Microsoft suite. As trusted Microsoft partners, we have supported several of our clients on their Microsoft 365 journey.

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