Digital Signage Displays

What is digital signage?

More than just information on how to get from A to B, digital signage is the AV equipment used to convey a message, communicate instructions and deliver impactful content such as marketing campaigns with modernity and flair. 

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Are there different types of digital signage?

You can find many types of digital signage, ranging from small and compact to large-scale video walls. They are vastly popular as they can be used in such a wide variety of industries and settings with AV software and accessories to support; 

  • Single-screen, automated content – News, sports, weather, transport information, design studios, education and healthcare providers 
  • Digital shop displays - Hospitality venue and shop display, duty/tax-free shopping 
  • DooH (Digital out of Home) messaging - Banking, insurance, corporate firms, public spaces 
  • Maps and wayfinding - Static and interactive displays in shopping centres, places of interest, theme parks, education and healthcare providers  
  • Video walls - City centres, large transport hubs, retailer advertising
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Messaging that cuts through the noise…

You are guaranteed to have a much greater impact on your messaging by choosing digital screens over more traditional forms of signage. 

Digital signage allows businesses and brands to cut through the often highly saturated markets they are competing in, increasing customer engagement through targeted content and messaging with a primarily unengaged, on-the-move audience.  

In addition, Digital signage can be an influential element of the marketing communications mix. Quality content - delivered with intense colour and captivating imagery and controlled centrally with precision and purpose - is a fantastic way to speak directly to your audience en masse, anywhere.   

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Size and availability

The variety of digital signage options is vast, and you can tailor AV equipment and software to suit your project or campaign needs. 

From single screens ranging from 43”-120” to large, multi-tile video wall setups like New York’s Times Square, they can accommodate multiple configurations for your needs and budget.  

When looking at the best digital signage for you, consider; 

  • Size - What are you displaying and where? Data-heavy text will be harder to see on a tiled display, and a punchy campaign may lose its power on the small screen.
  • Connectivity - How will your signage connect with your content management system, Wi-Fi and internet capabilities? 
  • Sound & brightness - Increased brightness positively affects screen visibility, but consider signage location and your intended audience too.
  • Operating hours - Do you need 24/7 capability? If so, commercial-grade, high-quality AV is usually required to withstand the demand on the equipment. 

The possibilities are endless with Sharp’s extensive ranges to choose from. Explore our AV equipment as well as AV software and accessories to find your perfect digital signage solution. 

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