Office Storage

Office storage

Sharp’s Furniture division is able to supply an extensive range of office storage solutions to suit a wide range of environments, budgets and requirements. Like all office furniture, we appreciate that when it comes to choosing a solution for your office storage there is not a one size fits all approach. We understand that every organisation has unique storage requirements. 

Wooden storage lockers with inbuilt seating area

Our range of office storage 

At Sharp, there are many different types of office storage for you to choose from, and each piece fulfils a different purpose.  

  • Storage lockers – these are a highly effective method of storage for any office. They take up very little space, and a variety of items such as paper files, IT equipment and cables can be organised securely locked away within them. They are available in various sizes, colours and materials. 
  • Storage walls – a perfect solution for open plan offices and reception areas, storage walls can be configured to suit specific office storage requirements. They’re often modular, available in a wide variety of materials, and can include a variety of internal shelving, lockers, coat hanging, or space for digital signage screens.  
  • Classroom Storage –When it comes to furniture for schools and education there are numerous options available for classroom storage. Books can be stored in creative solutions such as book trees and kinder boxes, while children’s workbooks and stationery can be kept safe in tray storage units or lockers.  
  • Office storage unit – the list of solutions for office storage units is endless depending on what you need to store in your organisation. Filing cabinets to keep paperwork organised, safe and secure are available in a variety of materials with various different locking features.  Modular cupboards and cabinets enable you to configure a bespoke solution to meet your office storage requirements while providing employees lockers allows them to keep their personal belongings safe while at work.  
Open campus space with floor to ceiling height bookcases and storage

What to consider when choosing an office storage solution 

There is a lot to think about when deciding what office storage solutions are the most suitable for your environment.  

  • What space do you have? – the available space is often the main concern when choosing storage solutions. Do you have a room available where filing cabinets and storage lockers could be located, or do you have to use wall space where office wall organisation solutions and storage walls would be the best use of space? 
  • What do you need to store? - Is it sensitive documentation, or IT equipment that needs to be securely locked away? Or, is it storage for your employees to keep their belongings tidy and safe such as in storage lockers? Thinking about the items you are storing will help you make decisions on the final solution you choose. 
  • How accessible do items need to be? – If you’re storing documents that are needed daily by your employees then they need to be accessible and kept nearby in storage solutions such as desk pedestals. Whereas the office Christmas decorations are needed less frequently so can be stored away in an office storage unit on a top shelf. 
Office storage shelving in an open plan office with plants and desking

Why Partner with Sharp? 

Sharp’s Furniture Division has been working with organisations from all over the UK for over 40 years, providing everything from office desking and office chairs to bespoke AV Furniture and office storage.  

Our specialist team works with you to make sure that they understand your requirements, goals, and objectives. They’ll then propose and supply the best office furniture for your environment and needs.  

Our ever-growing range of office furniture products allows us to choose solutions for all types of environments and workspaces. We aim to help you enhance your workspace and create comforting and productive spaces for your employees.