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Small To Medium Business

Sharp makes technology easy for your small to medium business. Our flexible and scalable solutions include small business IT support, printers, AV solutions and more.

Making technology easy for small to medium businesses 

Technology is an investment that needs to be considered carefully within any small to medium business.

SMEs have numerous questions to ask themselves: 

  • When is the right time to upgrade equipment? 
  • Are funds available to invest in new hardware or software? 
  • At what point does outdated technology begin to have a detrimental impact on productivity? 
  • Is data secure and compliant?  

Whether you’re focusing on topics such as security, communication, or remote working - or simply wanting to replace your printer for a more cost-effective model - Sharp will work with you to identify the right technology for your business. 

Before you choose us - or any other provider - as your partner for technology provision and service, there are some key factors you should consider to ensure you’re making the right decision for your SME.

1. Can your proposed technology solutions grow with my business? 

As your small to medium business evolves, your technology requirements may change. Your start-up business might initially require a single laptop and phone, but may quickly grow to need more devices, dedicated IT support or a small number of printers. 

At Sharp, we’ll work closely with you to understand your business and design flexible, scalable solutions, whether you’re looking for printers for small business or AV solutions for video conferencing.  

We have a wide range of compact and affordable entry-level solutions which can be scaled up as required, meaning you can rely on one supplier, whatever the future may hold.  

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2. Do you understand my business? 

It’s easy to find a company to sell you the equipment and software your business is looking for, but do they really understand your business and all of its unique needs? 

Finding the right technology partner for your business is critical. Do they have relevant industry experience? Is their service and support reliable? Choosing the wrong partner or wrong solution can be costly in terms of your time, the impact on your teams and your budgets. 

Sharp has vast amounts of experience in all types of industries and environments across the UK, putting us in a great position to deliver the right technology for you. We‘ll suggest methods of working you hadn’t considered before, and we’ll take the time to understand your people and processes to identify products and services that you can rely upon.

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3. What are the payment terms? 

It goes without saying that any technology you invest in has to make financial sense for your SME, but it’s worth finding out what payment options are available, as there may be ways to better account for cashflow. 

Many cloud-based solutions have fixed monthly costs per user, meaning that you can budget for regular outgoings and amend your payment plans as your business requires.  

At Sharp, we can advise on the best solutions and payment options for your budget. Flexible leasing options are available on many of our products and services, from laptops to printers for small businesses. 

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4. Can you help me accommodate new ways of working? 

With recent transitions towards remote and hybrid working, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a monumental shift in the technology required in the workplace. Activities such as regular video conferencing may need to be accommodated for in your small to medium business, along with facilitating remote access to offsite files and servers. 

Sharp can help you to identify the most appropriate ways of working for your business: 

  • Small business VOIP systems for simple and flexible telephony solutions 
  • Document management systems for small business for easy access to files and reduced administration costs 
  • Small business IT support to look after your systems or to help you source the best laptop for small business 
  • AV solutions with video conferencing for remote and hybrid meetings  
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5. What value can you add to my business? 

Working with the right technology provider should deliver a return from your investment. Any new product, service or solution should result in performance improvements for the business. 

Another consideration is whether to outsource your technology requirements or manage them in-house. If you’re a business with limited resource and technical experience, it could be beneficial to seek fully outsourced IT support, providing you with valuable expertise and responsive service at a fraction of the cost of employing a trained IT manager. 

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Why trust Sharp as your small to medium business technology partner? 

Sharp is proud to have provided technological solutions to small to medium businesses from all industries for several decades. 

We understand that an SME’s needs are different to corporates and large enterprise, but that your requirements for innovative and reliable products and services is just as great. 

Our experienced teams of consultants, technicians and engineers provide a personalised and professional service to every one of our clients, in all environments. 

Sharp has a broad range of award-winning technologies to make life easier for you and your colleagues, allowing you to focus on doing what you do best. As a manufacturer and service provider, we make technology easy and provide the expertise needed to keep your business running smoothly, 24/7.