Document Security

Protecting business information

Modern businesses process a lot of information, but often don’t have true visibility of how it is all produced, store, shared and accessed. This inevitably leads to potential security and compliance risks, including data breaches, unsecured files, human errors and unauthorised access to information. 

In addition, an organisation’s print devices can act as a gateway into a business network. Printers and photocopiers are often left out of IT security policies and they’re a clear vulnerability that cybercriminals successfully seek to exploit. And there’s also the long-lasting reputational damage to think about. 


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Safeguarding your documents

To be truly effective, document security is an essential part of an organisation’s document and print management strategy and should consider all six stages of the document lifecycle: 

  • Capture – the capturing of information, whether scanning hard-copy documents, monitoring email or creating and saving documents from an application. 

  • Store – storing documents in either paper-based or an electronic or hybrid file system. 

  • Manage – managing users’ access permissions, version tracking to ensure users are working on the latest documents, and audit trails to record every activity involving a document. 

  • Preserve – ensuring documents are retained for a sufficient period and then disposed of securely. 

  • Sharing – enabling documents to be securely shared with other users or business partners. 

  • Integrate – allowing information to be exchanged between business applications, such as accounting or ERP systems. 

Protect more, do more

Our document security management solutions and services are a key part of our Document & Printing Services. They solve the challenges around keeping your business documents safe, and help you get more work done by using intuitive workflow and automation tools.

We’ll provide the expertise, support and tools to help you develop and manage your document security policy, and safeguard your confidential information across its entire lifecycle, no matter how it is being captured, stored, printed or shared. Plus, our secure document management solutions help you comply with the latest security regulations, like GDPR.

In particular, you can use our document solutions to:

  • More effectively control – your files are stored in secure cloud-based data repositories (local server-based installations are also available).

  • Add print security - your documents are protected using “pull print” technology to ensure no information is left in the printer’s output tray.

  • Increase productivity – you can stop wasting time working with fragmented, highly distributed document environments. Instead you’ll have a fully indexed, centralised data repository that lets your staff find the information they need much faster.

  • For faster data retrieval – instantly access your data from any device using powerful search tools.

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