A woman looking at an 8K screen in a museum
A woman looking at an 8K screen in a museum

8K Technology

If a picture is worth a thousand words, 8K is an entire novel. 8K displays go way beyond HD and 4K to deliver stunning high-resolution imagery with unrivalled realism for unforgettable displays, presentations, video screenings and much more.

What is 8K?

8K is the future of displays. Offering 16 times greater resolution than Full HD, 8K TVs and 8K displays offer razor-sharp, crystal-clear imagery.

Raising the bar even higher for AV Equipment, comparing 4K vs 8K shows just how impressive this technology is: 4K delivers a 3,840 × 2,160 resolution for a total of 8.29 million pixels. But 8K is four times as detailed – 7,680 × 4,320 giving a huge 33.18 million pixels. The result is stunning clarity and a truly immersive experience.

Break the limits of traditional viewing

8K displays break the limits of traditional viewing, so even from the peripheries of their vision, viewers can enjoy a rich, life-like display. At 4K or Full HD, individual pixels can be seen at close range, detracting from the overall experience – but 8K display’s high pixel density makes pixels almost invisible even close up.

With a 2.25x better optimal viewing distance, the result is an image like no other, and the possibility to create audio visual experiences that are truly unforgettable.

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Superior colour accuracy with 8K HDR

Superior colour accuracy is delivered by 8K HDR, creating true-to-nature results and deeper contrast between light and dark shades. Displaying 1.07 billion colours, even shades that do not occur in nature can be produced.

8K renders gradations with smooth, natural transitions between shades with 10-bit colour depth (4,096 shades). At 120 frames per second, movement is seamless, allowing for more fluid displays in environments that value speed – such as trading floors, CAD/CAM studios and in aerospace.

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An almost 3D viewing experience

With this richness of imagery and colour perception, the 2D images you choose to display appear as life-like as possible, creating an almost 3D viewing experience. Elevating the possibilities for design work, planning and more, an 8K HDR display is not merely a screen but a view to a world you create.

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8K Image Resolution

High Dynamic Range