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Cyber Security Services

Sharp’s bespoke cyber security services, proactively protect your data, systems, and team whilst safeguarding against the latest threats and vulnerabilities.

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Cyber Security Services

Cyber threats are continually evolving with attacks becoming more frequent, sophisticated, and targeted.

39% of UK businesses identified a cyber-attack in the latest government survey. It is critical that organisations take cyber security seriously and invest in advanced multi-layered security measures that extend well beyond the traditional approach.

Sharp provides a range of cyber security services, providing protection against the latest cyber security threats including user awareness training, incident response, and data recovery – helping you protect your systems and sensitive data and limiting business downtime.

When it comes to Cyber Security your team is your biggest risk but can also be your best defence. Hackers are now targeting your employees with data accessible through devices, and the systems you use. Providing comprehensive training to your team is a guaranteed way to reduce the likelihood of a cyber breach.

Even attempted breaches can result in financial penalties, operational disruption, and reputational damage. Cyber Security is a complex challenge, and a multi-layered approach should always be taken to secure your organisation. To remain effective, cyber security solutions need to be supported by an experienced team. This is where Sharp can help. Our managed cyber security services are built to identify, mitigate, and proactively defend against security risks and attacks.

Our local, fully certified teams, situated throughout the UK are equipped with the best systems and tools available and are always on-hand to offer advice while keeping your organisation safe and secure.

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As well as our core services, Sharp delivers additional advanced cyber security services. Including:

Cyber Security Consultancy

Develop and strengthen your strategy with cyber security consultancy tailored to your specific business needs.

Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

Safeguard against even the most advanced threats by achieving the Cyber Essentials Plus Certification.

Email Security

Protect your digital communications with Email Security. Protecting and securing email communications, accounts, and services from unauthorised access or compromise.

Firewall Protection

Keep your critical business systems and data safe from harm with Sharp’s comprehensive Firewall Protection.

User Awareness Training

We’ll help embed a strong cyber security culture and good cyber hygiene processes within your team. Providing security training and phishing simulation to ensure your team becomes your best defence and not a potential weakness.

Benefit from a proactive cyber security strategy

Sharp can help you develop a Cyber Security strategy, putting the right cyber security solutions and processes in place to keep your business protected. 

With cyber threats evolving all the time and cyber criminals finding new ways to infiltrate your systems, we always recommend a multi-layered approach to cyber security. This includes Endpoint Security, protecting the devices your teams use (laptops, smartphones and tablets), Email Security, monitoring inbound and outbound email traffic, and user education.

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A multi-layered solution to mitigate cyber security threats

Cyber threats are constantly evolving – and trying to identify and protect your business against them can leave you frustrated – where do you even begin? Partnering with Sharp to ensure you have a robust cyber security plan in place that covers all aspects of your IT means you can rest easy knowing your systems and data are protected.

Cyber security services from Sharp will provide you with the protection you need against a wide variety of threats, including viruses, malware, phishing, ransomware, and other malicious attacks. We take care of everything and ensure your cyber security solutions are updated and monitored. Just leave it to us.

We partner with the market-leading solution providers to deliver our services and offer a comprehensive range of IT Services including IT Consultancy, 24/7 IT Support & Helpdesk, and Hosted Telephony,  all designed to ensure you get the best performance while maintaining reliability in your business.

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Network Security

In today’s connected world, effective information security across the entire business network has never been more vital.

Every day there are countless malicious attempts to steal, illegally modify, intercept, or disseminate confidential documents, or gain unauthorised access to private and business networks.

This White Paper examines the key challenges that businesses face in protecting their IT infrastructure, in relation to networked office devices, such as Multifunction Printers (MFPs).

Complete Security Audit

Don't be another statistic

Recent government research found that 31% of UK businesses estimate they were attacked at least once a week in 2022 and one in five businesses say they experienced a negative outcome as a direct consequence of a cyber-attack. And looking at organisations reporting a material outcome, such as loss of money or data, it gives an estimated average cost of £4,200 from cyber-attacks in the last 12 months. When considering only medium and large businesses; the figure rises to £19,400.

Adding to the issue, there’s a major global shortage of cyber security professionals, with 44% of UK businesses reporting that their Cyber Security vacancies are hard to fill. As such they lack the necessary internal resources and skills needed to fend off cyber threats.

It’s reported that 95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error, meaning they were likely preventable with basic cyber hygiene and training. Emphasising the importance of an established cyber security awareness culture.

Unfortunately, most businesses only discover they’ve been hacked, once it’s too late. The sooner you act, the better protected you will be.

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Our relationship with Sharp isn’t just about the technical expertise, it’s also the understanding of our business and our priorities. I really trust their advice and we work together to introduce changes that enhance our IT systems.
Mark Price

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Kingsford Community School drives forward excellent teaching and learning with the help of Sharp IT Services
Our Account Manager is supportive and proactive in prompting the school to make forward-thinking decisions to support an effective digital strategy.
Joan Deslandes OBE

Kingsford Community School

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4EI have seen real value in the Cyber Security Support Service, which is managed by Sharp, especially with the VPN and being able to access the server securely from anywhere, at any time, which is critical when working from home.
Richard Flemmings

4 Earth Intelligence

Why is Cyber Security so important?

In today's landscape, cyber security poses several challenges that make it difficult for businesses to decide whether to invest in it or not. Many businesses hold common misconceptions such as believing they are immune to cyber threats or that they lack the necessary budget. However, it's crucial to recognise that cyber security is a global priority that has never been more important.

The risks involved in cyber-attacks are substantial, directly impacting business continuity by causing data loss and reduced productivity. Moreover, these attacks come with a significant price tag. In fact, experts predict that the cost of cybercrime in 2022 was estimated to have amounted to $8.44 trillion worldwide and projected is to reach to $23.84 trillion in 2027.

Failing to comply with GDPR regulations can result in severe fines and consequences of non-compliance go far beyond financial penalties. Organisations must consider the potential for negative publicity and damage to their reputation and customer relationships.

Given the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats, with attacks becoming more frequent and sophisticated, it is imperative for your business to be fully equipped to tackle the latest cyber risks. Stay ahead of the curve and ensure your organisation is prepared to defend against these evolving threats.

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