MS Teams meeting
MS Teams meeting

Audio Visual

Communication and collaboration in the digital age have become ever-more reliant on intelligent audio visual solutions, from digital signage to video conferencing.

What is audio visual equipment?

Any equipment or system that has both sound and visual elements is deemed an audio visual device. Found almost anywhere, audio visual, or AV equipment as it’s sometimes referred to, plays a pivotal role in day-to-day life in premises ranging from homes, schools and hospitals to small enterprises, shopping centres and large global businesses.

It provides an engaging and versatile means of presenting tailored communications to all types of audiences. Compared with traditional, static media such as posters or whiteboards, it allows for messages to be more captivating, with dynamic and easily updateable content.

Interactive audio visual excellence

The world has become a much smaller place thanks to ever-advancing technology, and AV (audio visual) plays an integral part in bringing people together in business and beyond.

Long gone are the days when we all huddled around a conference phone, battling background noise. In its place is intelligent video conferencing, audio and visual solutions linking together departments, offices, countries, and even continents to host discussions and keep things moving. Able to support calls with many participants, businesses, schools and healthcare providers can collaborate with ease.

Interactive AV solutions and video conferencing software can meet the demands of hybrid meetings, bringing together colleagues onsite, working remotely or at home, allowing projects to continue and decisions to be made collaboratively.

Similarly, in schools, colleges and universities, AV solutions can facilitate flex learning situations, enabling students to participate in lessons remotely and allowing learning to continue without the need to be physically present in a classroom.

Interactive touchscreens provide a slick and modern approach to pitching, presenting and forecasting - whether you are looking ahead to the next fiscal year or delivering a research paper, your presentation will never look better.

In the classroom or other educational establishments, digital interactive whiteboards can drive engagement and encourage pupil participation, making lessons even more memorable.

Designed with preschoolers in mind, interactive touchscreen tables bring a collaborative approach to education, gamification and group learning with engaging and practical functionality. Ever adaptable, touchscreen tables work in the boardroom for meetings, too - a truly versatile system for schools and businesses alike.

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Bringing communication to life

Not all AV equipment is interactive. You’ll find non-interactive audio visual equipment in reception and waiting areas, transport hubs, retail spaces, design studios, hospital wards, schools, corporate buildings, meeting rooms and entertainment venues, to name a few. 

These places, and more, use extensive ranges of quality audio visual equipment - including professional displays, digital signage and video walls - to display anything from marketing campaigns to instructions and guidance. 

In classrooms and meeting rooms alike, non-interactive screens and video walls can be used to for lessons and presentations, displaying content to groups of any size straight from a laptop or media player. 

In retail and hospitality, the applications for digital signage are vast. Digital signage can be used to display welcome messages, maps, menus, promotional offers, nutritional information or health and safety notices, to suit the location and audience. What’s more, it can be updated instantly, and remotely, meaning that messages are always current and accurate. 

As needs evolve, audio visual technology can become more intelligent, allowing for multiple configurations, 24/7 demand and high-resolution display options to deliver results with clarity and impact. 

There are audio and visual solutions to suit every need, with multiple ranges to suit budgets and requirements across all industry sectors. Explore our AV equipment as well as AV software and accessories to find your perfect solution.

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