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Sharp’s IT Procurement Service has the backing of major IT partners and provides the most cost-effective ways to meet your IT Hardware and Software needs.

What is IT Procurement?

IT procurement is the process of acquiring IT hardware/IT software and any other services related to information technology for an organisation. The process involves the identification of IT needs, selecting the most suitable products or services, negotiating contracts and pricing, and ultimately purchasing and deploying these assets for them. 

IT procurement is a critical function for all businesses no matter the size or sector, as it ensures that they have the necessary technology to support their business operations. It supports an organisation’s overall strategy ensuring that its technology aligns to its business goals.

IT Procurement Companies

There are countless technology solutions and picking the right one can be tricky. Why spend time, money, and effort looking when you can use an outsourced IT procurement company like Sharp to do all of the legwork for you?

At Sharp, we take the time to understand all of our client’s organisations, their current infrastructure, needs, and quite simply, the way that they operate. By doing this, our IT Sourcing team can identify the correct products and solutions with ease to meet your business requirements.


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Sourcing your IT

Our IT procurement consultants are on hand to meet with you and discuss your organisation and its needs to enable them to provide you with recommendations on what IT hardware and IT software is most suitable for you. 

We can also help with providing the most cost-effective way to meet your licensing obligations and can assist if you require a Software Licensing Audit. However, recommending products is only half of the job, we also ensure that the price is right for you and aligns with your budget without sacrificing on quality.

You’ll be assigned a dedicated Procurement Consultant to manage your IT procurement, upgrading your hardware/software when required and always providing you with the best solutions as your business evolves or its needs change.

Top-Tier Partnerships

We are in the top 1% of Microsoft partners worldwide and have achieved 3 of the 6 new Microsoft Partner Designations (Data & AI, Infrastructure and Modern Work) and are on the way to qualifying for our 4th designation – Business Apps. 

We have the highest Blue Diamond Partner status with Datto on top of many other great partnerships including Apple, Google, Sophos, WatchGuard, HP, Lenovo, VMware and Adobe to name a few. With such a broad range of partners, we can source the correct product for you. 

We can help you however large or small your needs are. From sourcing a complete infrastructure to endpoint replacements and peripherals.

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Microsoft Solutions Partner Designation - Data & AI

Microsoft Solutions Partner Designation - Infrastructure

Microsoft Solutions Partner Designation - Modern Work

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IT Hardware and IT Software

Whatever you need, our IT Procurement team have got you covered. From laptops, desktops, tablets and peripherals (monitors, keyboards, mice, headsets) to servers, firewalls, anti-virus and monitoring, and disaster recovery/business continuity.

Interested in cloud services? We can help with that too from Microsoft 365, Azure, Cloud Backup, Virtual Firewalls, and Anti-Virus to Email Security and Hosted Telephony.

We can also help with connectivity requirements including Wi-Fi/internet, leased lines, and Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SoGEA).

Download our datasheet to see more of our IT hardware and IT software offerings.

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IT Procurement FAQs

Where to start with IT Procurement?

Begin by clearly defining your IT needs. Ensure that stakeholders from various departments are involved in this process to avoid misunderstandings later. This involves specifying the type and quantity of hardware, software, and services required. You’ll also need to consider how well the procurement aligns with your organisation's future needs. Ensure that IT assets and services can scale as your organisation grows.

What is a procurement strategy?

A procurement strategy is a structured plan or approach that an organisation develops to guide its procurement and purchasing activities. It outlines the organisation's goals, objectives, and processes for acquiring goods, services, and other required resources. The primary purpose of an IT procurement strategy is to optimise the procurement process, manage costs, mitigate risks, and align procurement activities with the organisation's broader goals and mission.

The development of a well-defined procurement strategy is essential for businesses to streamline their procurement operations, reduce costs, enhance supplier relationships, and ensure alignment with their broader business objectives. It provides a roadmap for making informed procurement decisions and helps in achieving operational efficiency.

What is a software licencing audit?

A software licensing audit, often referred to as a software audit or a software compliance audit, is a formal review and assessment of an organisation's software licenses, installations, and usage to ensure that they are in compliance with the terms and conditions of the software licenses and that the organisation is using the software in a legal and authorised manner.