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Co-Managed IT Support

Whether you need helpdesk IT support for everyday problems, holiday and sickness cover, or an additional IT support specialist for expertise and advice on larger projects, we’ve got you covered.

Co-Managed IT Support

At Sharp, we understand that IT issues can pop up at the worst possible time, and the expertise needed to fix them may not always be readily available.

Our Co-Managed IT Support service is designed to provide you and your business with the IT Support you need to ensure minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.

Whether you need 24/7 helpdesk IT support for everyday problems, holiday and sickness cover, or an additional IT support consultant for advice on larger projects, we’ve got you covered.

All of our Managed IT Services, including Co-Managed IT Support, are tailored to your organisations unique needs. The term “managed IT” itself means the outsourcing of the maintenance and management of your IT systems, including outsourcing your IT support and all service needs. To do so, our technical consultants get to know your pain points and will build a bespoke, scalable solution that makes technology easy for you and your people. We’ll familiarise ourselves with your systems so that the IT support you receive is fast, and efficient and keeps you ahead of the game. 

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Benefits of Co-Managed IT Support

When you’re in the market for outsourced IT services, selecting the right IT support partner isn’t easy – and there are many IT support companies to choose from. So, why choose Sharp? 

Time Savings

We’ll take care of the day-to-day tech snags and give your teams and staff their precious time back - so they can focus on their core responsibilities.

Helpdesk Failover

Our service is smart. We understand technology doesn’t always work as planned, so in the event of hardware or software failure, failover backs everything up. This ensures you have access to our 24/7 IT Support & Helpdesk should you need it, whenever you need it. 

IT Project Management

From conceptualisation and design of your IT roadmap to IT procurement, delivery, and infrastructure maintenance, you can rely on us to manage all of your small, medium or large IT projects.

Holiday and sickness cover

No matter how big or small your organisation is, having key team members away for any length of time can create problems. Additional IT support helps lighten the load with dedicated support team hand to keep you on track during times where you’re understaffed. 

High end technical troubleshooting

Whether you’re experiencing hardware or software issues, we’ll adhere to best practice guidelines from start to finish and fix the problem before it gets out of control. This proactive approach helps to keep you operational at all times.

What's included in our Co-Managed IT support? 

  • Unlimited helpdesk support – We’ll take some (or all) of your support calls, allowing your internal staff to focus on critical activities.
  • Onsite support – We’ll manage your physical infrastructure and provide technical, input, and support as needed.  
  • Additional technical consultancy – Help with projects of all sizes, complete with a dedicated technical consultant.  
  • A detailed plan – We’ll deliver full review of your existing IT systems to highlight where you need to make improvements and increase security. 
  • Fixed monthly fee – No complicated per user and per server pricing models that increase month-on-month.
  • Holiday and sickness – Around-the-clock cover from a dedicated support team.  
  • Scalability – Increase or decrease your support package to cover any change in requirements. 
  • Insight and innovation – We deliver cutting edge latest technological solutions to help you meet your business objectives. 
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Why partner with Sharp?

Local knowledge and Expertise 
You’ll have the backing of a large, highly-trained team of friendly technical experts with offices and support centres nationwide in Ayr, Birmingham, Cardiff, Dundee, Leicester, Snetterton, Stockport, Swanley, and Wakefield. 

Achieve your goals 
We’ll work with you to understand where you want your business to be, and design a bespoke IT plan to help you get there.

Advice and guidance 
Friendly advice on everything from remote working solutions to infrastructure changes – there’s nothing we can’t handle. 

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Additional Sharp IT Services

Backup and Disaster Recovery

From technical glitches to cyber security breaches, we’ve got you covered! Whilst they are usually infrequent, a lack of preparedness in these scenarios could lead to the loss of valuable information, potentially putting your business at risk.

Sharp’s Backup and Disaster Recovery service sets goals, responsibilities, and water-tight procedures in place if an issue arises, ensuring your business can get back on track in the event of data loss. 

Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions constantly change as technology develops, businesses can leverage several advantages by opting to host their systems, software, and apps in the cloud rather than locally. At Sharp we can support your organisation in adoption of Cloud Solutions, from Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 to Cloud Desktop services. 

Cyber Security

Given the continual evolution of cyber threats and the constant innovation of tactics employed by cyber criminals to breach systems, we advocate for a comprehensive, multi-layered approach to cyber security. Whether you need Endpoint Security, Email Security, or user education and training, Sharp is well-equipped to help you formulate a cyber security strategy, and implementing programme, and processes to safeguard your business.

Microsoft Power Platforms as a Service

Consisting of Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI, when used correctly the Microsoft Power Platforms can become a truly transformative solution by enhancing efficiency, fostering intelligent work, and empowering your team to achieve more.

Whether you are grappling with existing process challenges, aiming to automate manual tasks, or aspiring to embrace a more data-centric approach, our adept and innovative team can provide a customised Microsoft Power Platform service tailored to enhance your business operations.

IT Support for Schools

The role of IT in learning is paramount – students need secure and reliable services that can support them as they develop. With Sharp's IT Support for Schools, you’ll gain access to a team of highly skilled education specialists who can effectively manage and support your existing IT infrastructure or collaborate with your in-house teams.