Desktop Printers

Do more from your desk

If you're looking for fast and convenient printing from the comfort of your desk, small desktop printers pack big features with a small footprint. They’re typically available as A4 black & white printers or A4 colour printers.  

First, let’s get our terminology correct: ‘a printer’ refers to a single-purpose device that prints documents and nothing more. However, an ‘all-in-one’ (also known as multifunction printers, or MFPs), adds scanning, photocopying, and faxing. Some devices even allow you to scan directly to email, shortening workflows and saving time.  

A desktop printer is a powerful tool for any team, from Finance to HR. But sometimes you need a printer to be more than a printer. All-in-one printers have the features you need.  

Both all-in-one and single function printers are available with additional accessories that offer extra paper capacity, transforming them into floor-standing units.


Should you be looking at desktop printers?

A desktop printer is an ideal choice if your print volumes are low, space is limited, or for small teams with specific requirements (they only need to print). When choosing a desktop printer, make sure you look out for:  

  • Print speed - Faster print speeds mean less time waiting.
  • Paper capacity - Higher capacity means fewer stops to load paper, but may add size and weight to the printer, making it a floor-standing machine. These additional paper trays can be added at a later date, so if your business only needs a desktop printer to begin with, but later need additional capacity, you can add more trays.
  • Print management software - Can your printer be managed and controlled as part of your wider print fleet? 
  • Wireless features - If you want your people to print from their smartphones or tablets, wireless desktop printers or all-in-ones/MFPs are a great option.
  • Colour or black & white - Whether you need a classic A4 black & white printer for text documents or a colour printer desktop printer for vibrant, high-quality imagery and branding, desktop printer options offer both.
Desktop printer

Keep your printer secure

Printers can be hacked, just like computers. So make sure you choose a printer with solid security features. Look out for: 

  • Self-healing firmware - The best printers include self-healing software to make sure it remains as secure as possible.
  • Whitelisting - To prevent any unauthorised use, some printers only grant access to applications that are on an approved whitelist.
  • Encryption - The most secure printers use military-grade Protection Profile for Hardcopy Devices (HCD-PP v1.0), and SSL/TLS Certificate Validation.
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