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Furniture & Facilities

Creating a stimulating, healthy and safe workplace for your employees is paramount to productivity, engagement and job satisfaction.

Your workplace environment is important

When looking at your workplace environment it is vital that it is comfortable, safe, and helps your employees remain productive. By creating an appealing and aesthetically pleasing environment your employees can better-focus on the job in hand.

There are many factors that add or detract from this, from the office furniture you choose, and air quality, to the systems you have in place for monitoring employee whereabouts - every element plays a part in making the workplace environment a practical, flexible and motivating space for all employees. 

The future workplace

The way in which people now work has changed. Hybrid and flexible workplaces are now expected by employees so they can come in when required to collaborate with their colleagues, hold meetings, or complete certain tasks for their role which cannot be done elsewhere.

Therefore, it is important that the furniture and office facilities reflect these changes. Office furniture needs to allow for collaborative working – AV furniture, whereby screens are incorporated into the furniture to allow for video-conferencing or proofing documents together, are ideal. Office desking and chairs need to be flexible to allow for hot desking, rather than banks of traditional desks which people would be sat at day in, day out.

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A healthy and safe environment

All organisations have a duty of care to make sure that the environments they provide their employees are safe. It is also beneficial and important to promote and create a healthy workplace.

A key way organisations can make their environment a healthy one is by purifying the their employees are breathing. Sharp's air purifiers use patented Plasmacluster technology which catches, collects and filters the air around you to remove over 99.97% of particulate matter such as pollen, mould and bacteria. 

Another way employers can keep people safe is by making sure they know who is on their premises at any given time. A key way of doing this is by implementing a visitor management system. This allows you to keep track of the people coming and going from your organisations buildings, whether they are employees, visitors or contractors - it also supports compliance with regulations such as GDPR.

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