Early Years & Nursery Furniture

Early years & nursery furniture 

Sharp has over 40 years’ experience in providing Nursery furniture to schools up and down the UK. As a nationwide leader in Early Years & Nursery classroom design, we are uniquely placed to deliver comfortable, cost-effective classroom furniture solutions that meet the demands of a modern educational environment.   

We don’t see ourselves purely as Nursery furniture suppliers. Sharp treats each school furniture customer as a partnership – from design to supply and installation. 

We employ teams of accredited furniture experts to deliver industry-leading classroom solutions that adhere to a set of incredibly high global standards. 

Boy and girl playing with arts and crafts in nursery with wooden nursery furniture

What to consider when buying nursery furniture 

  • Budget – Before you go to market for Nursery furniture suppliers, it’s important to establish a budget that relates to the amount of equipment that you need. 
  • Safety – When it comes to pupil safety, no stone should be left unturned. Consult with your staff to highlight any pressing health and safety needs, and make sure that your classroom furniture doesn’t present a risk to teachers or pupils alike. 
  • Storage – Nursery furniture is small by design, but you’re not always going to need it laid out in the centre of the classroom. Look for solutions that are easy to carry around and store, should the need arise.
  • Zoning – Furniture should be your number one consideration when looking to build comfortable, productive learning environments that help deliver outcomes. Tables and chairs should complement each other and be positioned to facilitate a friendly, collaborative learning environment. 
  • Materials Nursery tables & chairs, play and storage kit comes in all manner of shapes, sizes, and materials. Take some time to list the pros and cons of different materials (MDF, plastic, beech etc.) and how they would suit the individual requirements of your staff and pupils.  
A nursery with brightly coloured wooden table, chairs and storage lockers with toys on the floor.

Sharp’s nursery furniture range 

  • Storage – Tray storage, mobile storage units and clear perspex tubs. Multi-tray classroom tray holders for pupil or teacher use. Frame-mounted shallow or deep wicker baskets. Extra deep storage trays set in cabinets with wheels for added mobility.
  • Softplay – Large and small indoor activity units. Free-standing soft mat storage, available in a wide range of colours and interlocking edges. Cosy, indoor dens and faux-hay bale seating. Cushioned woodland seats and comfy sleep pods.
  • Roleplay – Multi-function domestic roleplay equipment, including kitchen sets, market stalls, construction sets, sand and water stations, mobile dressing-up closets, mirrors, clothes bins and outside play equipment.
  • Seating – All-in-one, upholstered, wooden reading chairs and nursery furniture reading equipment. Available as single seated units, or as an extended seating solution with space for multiple children. Traditional, stackable beech classroom chairs for use around communal tables and desks. 
  • Nursery tables – Round, square or rectangular classroom tables and school desks, available in wide range of dimensions and designed to accommodate compact chair storage when not in use. Broad, semi-circular tables with adult space for group teaching sessions. 
  • Library furniture – Single or multi-seat, cushioned reading chairs for toddlers and teachers. Small, medium or large book display units and computer workstations for interactive multimedia learning environments. 
  • Arts and crafts furniture – Double and single-sided whiteboards mounted on adjustable easels. Mobile drying racks for pupil paintings. Clear paint pot sets. Sand and water stations. Arts and crafts workstations for drawing, painting, colouring and textile work. 
Children playing with wooden toy kitchen equipment in a nursery