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AV Consultants

Sharp’s AV Consultants work with customers to design, install and integrate tailored AV solutions, as well as providing training and ongoing AV service support for our users.

Sharp AV Consultants

When you’re investing in audio visual solutions, you want to make sure you have the right people and processes in place to facilitate a reliable, hassle-free installation. Sharp’s AV Consultants have the skills and expertise required to complete your AV installation to the highest professional standard. 

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Why use an AV Consultant?

When deciding to enhance organisational communication with interactive displays, digital signage, or meeting room solutions, choosing the best product is important, but it’s also vital to select a partner who can support you with design, installation, integration, commissioning and training. 

Sharp’s dedicated AV Consultants are Extron certified professionals who have the specialist skills needed not only to deliver Sharp’s own extensive range of AV devices, but also to advise on other equipment, service and integration solutions. 

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How can Sharp’s AV Consultants support you? 

It’s important to work with an AV company who can support your project from the outset. We’ll work closely with you to deliver a complete solution that meets your objectives and is well received by anyone who uses it. 

  • Design - Every customer has a different set of needs for different spaces. Even within the same organisation, requirements may vary from room to room or across different sites. Each AV service we provide is unique and tailored to you. Sharp’s range of AV solutions are suitable for every commercial or educational requirement – our highly skilled, qualified AV Consultants will help you to identify and design the best solution for you. 
  • Installation - Once you’ve decided on the right audio visual solution for your organisation, selecting a reputable AV company, that can carry out the installation of your new equipment to a high professional standard –  and at a time convenient to you –  is key. Sharp can make the difference. 
  • Integration - Any new AV solutions purchased will need to be integrated with other equipment or systems within your organisation. Sharp’s AV Consultants are Extron certified, meaning that they have a comprehensive knowledge of AV technology and configuration. We’re able to advise on precisely how your new equipment will work with your other technologies, even in ways you hadn’t thought of! 
  • Commissioning - Our support doesn’t end once your equipment is installed. Sharp’s AV Consultants will carry out numerous checks and rigorous tests to make sure that every last piece of equipment is set up and working correctly. 
  • Training - Once your new AV solution is up and running, you and your colleagues may require some support in understanding and using them to their full potential. Our AV Consultants are on hand to deliver a full training package, ensuring that you get the most out of your purchase. 
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What support is available after my AV solution is complete? 

In addition to our AV consultation services, we have a dedicated AV Helpdesk team, who will remotely fix any issues that may arise, plus a nationwide, in-house team of AV installation engineers for onsite support. 

For additional support, our AV Care Pack provides comprehensive, rapid remote or onsite resolution of any queries or issues that may arise regarding your Sharp AV solutions. 

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