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Cyber Security Audit

Pinpoint weaknesses and highlight key areas of improvement within your IT environment with Sharp’s Cyber Security Audit.

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Prevent cyber crime with a Cyber Security Audit

In order to make the right decisions and take the most appropriate steps to improving your organisation’s security, you must first understand your current IT environment.

We all know that a basic level of protection won’t keep your data safe from the sophisticated cyber attacks of today, which is why it’s important to regularly review your current landscape to identify weaknesses within your IT environment, so that you can make the relevant changes to help prevent falling victim of a cyber attack.

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Sharp’s Cyber Security Audit service

Our Cyber Security Audit service will provide a 360 view of your IT environment. We will conduct an in depth review covering 6 key areas to identify high risk issues which could leave you vulnerable to cyber attacks.

The review will cover the following key areas:

  1. Internal Infrastructure Review
  2. Microsoft 365 Phishing and Impersonation 
  3. Dark Web Scan
  4. Microsoft 365 Security Review
  5. Copilot Readiness Assessment
  6. Cyber Essential Gap Analysis 

As part of the audit we will highlight weaknesses within your IT environment, key areas of improvement and will provide expert recommendations to help strengthen your IT security.

Recommendations can range from simple changes to larger project work. If you decide to partner with us, we will work with you to provide a tailored IT roadmap that incorporates key elements to help improve your IT security. Providing peace of mind that your data and systems are up to date, secure and monitored.

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Why is it important to review your IT environment?

Implementing a robust, multi-layered cyber security approach is essential to all organisations, no matter their industry or size.​ Cyber criminals do not discriminate.

Cyber threats are constantly evolving so it’s important that your organisation is taking proactive cyber security measures as research suggests that 60% of SMEs go out of business within six months of a data breach or cyber attack.

Taking the reactive route and not proactively prioritising your IT security can lead to a wide range of issues and detrimental effects. A successful cyber attack could result in:​

  • Damage to reputation
  • Business downtime
  • Large fines
  • GDPR repercussions
  • Business closure

*US National Cyber Security Alliance.

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Sunset on Real Estate
Sunset on Real Estate
Sharp’s Cyber Security Audit service gave us valuable insight into our current security position. The reports the audit produced were clear and precise and helped us keep us ahead of the cyber curve on top of keeping our insurance costs down.
Paul Threadingham

RO Group