Light Production Printers

What are light production printers?

A relatively new addition to the world of printers, light production devices are heavy-duty machines designed to print large volume, high-quality jobs at high speed. The devices can be configured to print on a range of media, from standard paper stock to heavyweight cards with multiple finishing options. 

Light production printers were specifically created to plug a gap in the market between multifunction office machines and lithographic print devices, with the defining feature being their speed.  

A light production printer

Light production printers will typically include the below features:

Pantone colour matching

Ideal for creative agencies, producers of specialist graphics, or advertisers, light production printers come with pantone colour matching software as standard, providing consistent and superior colour control.

Man by a light production printer

Increased productivity

Complete with reprographics & job handling software, light production devices are able to print at 70 pages per minute or higher in full colour and mono, and thousands of prints can run without the need to reload trays via high-capacity feeders. They can automate job trimming, punching, stapling and stacking and increase productivity. 

Man by a light production printer

High volume printing

Production printers are made of robust parts, materials, and are powered by reprographics software applications specifically designed to handle the demands of high-volume printing. Air-feed technology helps keep paper jams to a minimum by creating a layer of air between the paper and machine, and optional paper trays can increase paper capacity upwards of 13,500 sheets, making them perfect for longer jobs

Man by a light production printer

What are the benefits of light production printers? 

Light production devices offer organisations many benefits:  

  • Addressing your print needs in-house – by bringing your printing in-house, you’ll rely less on outsourced commercial printers. You’ll have the flexibility to run your print jobs when it is convenient for you to do so, and you’ll enjoy the freedom to design printing jobs that meet the unique requirements of your organisation.   

  • Long-term savings – with a mark-up on documents, if you outsource a lot of your document printing, costs can soon escalate. By no longer relying on commercial printers you’ll be able to make long term cost savings.  

  • Speed – no outsourcing means no waiting for orders to be processed for large production queues or delivery. If an error is made, you’ll be able to rectify it before the job is completed. 

  • Better media – like large format printers, light production devices improve the quality of your printing, and can print on more substrates, thicker paper weights, and larger paper sizes such as SRA4 and SRA3. 

  • More finishing options – light production devices allow for a broad variety of document finishing options, such as stapling, folding, and edge-to-edge booklet finishing. 

Man using light production printer

Who are light production printers for? 

  • SMEs and larger corporate firms – with a variety of print and finishing needs across different departments, light production machines are perfect for businesses of all sizes.  

  • Legal & accountancy firms – the requirement for long print runs for accounts, client information or court documentation makes light production devices ideal for accountancy and law firms.  

  • Creative agencies – creative agencies and marketing teams can benefit from access to a dedicated production printer due to their colour control capabilities, and the ability to run long print jobs for high-quality marketing materials.  

  • Schools and Universities – schools and universities need devices that are able to run jobs for homework, classroom assignments, and booklets.

Woman using light production printer