Office Printers

Essential workplace tools

No matter how much your organisation uses digital services, printed documents are both easier to read and necessary for workflow - from legal and healthcare to manufacturing and retail. That's why printers remain essential workplace tools.


Big, small, and everything in-between

Whether you want high-powered large office printers to handle output for multiple teams, or standalone wireless printers for executive team offices or areas with limited network access or cabling, office printers cover a wide range of applications and demands. 

Some printers are ‘single-function’ – they simply print documents and nothing else. But multifunction office printers (also known as ‘all-in-one printers’) let your teams print, scan, copy and more, with options to add advanced features, including booklet-making and hole punching. 

For larger prints, A3 multifunction printers are perfect for technical drawings and spreadsheets, or any print that needs a bigger canvas or impact.  


Should you choose floor-standing or desktop printers?

Desktop printers are a popular choice for home office use or where space is limited, offering affordable A4 colour printer output. Despite their compact size, some models can also offer A3 printing in both black & white and colour. So, whether your office needs a simple A4 black & white printer or an A3 multifunction colour printer, there’s an option to suit your needs.  

Desktop printers are ideal for small teams or businesses with lower print volumes, but floor-standing printers are better suited to companies with higher print output.  

Models such as light production printers have been specifically designed to be speedy and reliable in the workplace. The traditional large floor-standing office printers are naturally suited to teams or departments with higher print volume demands.  

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Do printers need security?

Yes – office printers need tough security. They contain the same components as your laptop or computer, like a hard drive - printers are often targeted by hackers for this reason.  

The best devices feature multi-layered security measures designed to protect your sensitive data. Look out for: 

  • Self-healing firmware for backing up settings and aiding recovery in the event of an attack   
  • Whitelisting for monitoring access attempts and only granting access to applications and firmware on approved whitelists  
  • S/MIME encryption to prevent the interception of data during email transmission
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What should I do about print management?

No matter which printers you choose, you may also want to consider print management software. This clever add-on can help improve document management, secure document storage and more, for a fully optimised workflow.  

For example, by enabling certain departments to access colour printing or duplex printing while preventing others that don’t require that functionality from doing so. You can also create user accounts, meaning that users can only access their own print jobs – not anyone else's.

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