Office Desking

Office desking

Sharp’s Furniture Division has an extensive range of office desking available as part of its office furniture portfolio. We know that when it comes to your employees, making sure they have a comfortable working space is vital. Therefore, it is important that they have the most appropriate desk for their role, this will make sure that they able to focus on the task in hand and be as productive as possible – while avoiding injury and skeletal issues.

Our range of office desking

Sharp has a range of desks available to suit the needs of all organisations. Whether it is executive desks for your board members or welcoming reception desks we have a solution for all environments and budgets.  

Banks of office desking in modern office

Reception desks

The reception area is nearly always the first impression visitors and potential talent get of your organisation, therefore the furniture chosen for the space is key. Reception desks are available in a variety of materials from glass, solid wood and metal and also a variety of shapes and sizes. Many bespoke options can be made to reflect your brand and organisation.  

Reception desk in modern reception area with receptionist on the phone

Executive desks

Often larger and higher quality than standard office desking executive desks are found in managerial offices and boardrooms. They are often made of solid wood or glass with many bespoke options available such as storage and working space to make them as functional and practical as possible.

Executive desk in London meeting room with chairs

Curve & wave desks

A more modern approach to office desking, these are the perfect solution for offices where space is a little tight. Ergonomically designed, the inbuilt curve allows the user to use the whole surface area of the desk with maximum comfort, therefore helping with productivity. Available in a wide variety of materials and colours, there is a solution to suit all environments. 

White curve desk in modern office with task chair and storage

Height adjustable desks

These desks allow the user to make the decision on whether they want to sit down or stand up while working. Ergonomically designed, they can help with posture and also encourage mobility - combatting the health risks of sitting at a desk for 7-8 hours a day. They are a good option for workplaces wanting to promote employee wellbeing.  

Women stood up working on laptop at height adjustable desk in office

School desks

The design of a classroom is vital as studies show it can directly impact the motivation and behaviour of students. Therefore, it is important that the desks chosen are correct for the age and size of students but, also for the learning taking place in the classroom. There is a wide variety of school desks available from open front, lift-lid, tandem and standing desks.  

School desks in classroom with coloured chairs


These allow you to make the best use of the space available while providing an ergonomic and well-arranged working space for your employees. Workstations are available in a variety of colours, materials and shapes with solutions for all office environments. 

White workstation in office with woman working on laptop

Additions to your office desking

As well as a wide range of desks, we are also able to provide ancillary products for your office desking such as divider screens, desk screens and separators. These are an excellent solution to help with privacy in open plan spaces and to assist with acou

Office desks with desk separators installed

Desk Separators

Providing employees with desk separators for their office desking helps with privacy. Both paper documents and computer screen content can be protected from the view of others. They also assist with blocking out noise pollution, helping your employees to stay focused and productive. 

Office desks with yellow acoustic desk screens installed

Acoustic Desk Screens

These desk screens are ideal for open plan and busy office environments. Not only do they help to reduce ambient noise, they are also able to help with acoustics which is ideal in a call centre environment. They also have the same benefits as desk separators when it comes to privacy of sensitive documents. 

Desk screen installed round workstation in an office

Desk Screens

Installing screens between your office desking can not only help with noise pollution but also with the transmission of viruses. They are a flexible option and can easily be moved if required. Often made from perspex or acrylic – they are an ideal option for office desks which are used by staff in customer-facing roles such as receptionists. 

Why Partner with Sharp? 

With over 40 years’ experience of providing office furniture to organisations across the UK, Sharp is an ideal partner for all your furniture requirements.    

Our breadth of knowledge enables us to propose and supply the best furniture solution for your environment, requirements, and budget.  

Our extensive range of products including office chairs, office storage and even AV furniture allows us to choose office furniture that will enhance your workspace, allow for ultimate productivity, and maximise comfort for your employees. You can explore our full range of Sharp Office Furniture on our dedicated website.