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Public Sector

Sharp provides affordable and proven technology solutions for Public Sector organisations, including Education, Local Authorities, Housing Associations and Charities.

Public Sector organisations are continually challenged to do more with less, to deliver front line services to their customers with diminishing financial resources, whilst delivering efficiency savings, managing compliance with performance standards and legislative regulations. Add to that an increased need for and reliance upon technology – accelerated by the recent surge in remote and hybrid working – and the need for partners with innovative technology and service solutions has never been greater. 

Solutions for all Public Sector organisations

Our breadth of experience as a Public Sector supplier to thousands of organisations across the UK means you can trust Sharp to deliver your next AV, IT or Managed Print project. Our secure, affordable, and easy to use technologies are used by all types of Public Sector organisations in: 

  • Education - including preschool, primary, secondary, academy trusts, further education, and higher education 
  • Housing Associations, Trusts & Co-operatives 
  • Local and Central Government Bodies 
  • Emergency Services 
  • NHS & Healthcare  
  • Charity and Not for Profit Organisations 

All of Sharp’s products and solutions, including Managed Print Services, Audio Visual Solutions and IT Services are available via Government Framework Contracts. This means Public Sector organisations can be confident in the knowledge that Sharp has met stringent supplier qualification criteria, in an open competitive evaluation of quality, operational standards and commercial terms. 

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Frameworks currently available include: 

  • Central Buying Consortium: Multi-Functional Devices, Digital Solutions and Digital Transformation
    Multifunction Printers, Managed Print Services, Print Room, Audio Visual Solutions, IT Services, Hybrid Mail, Furniture & Facilities

  • Central Buying Consortium: Audio Visual Solutions Framework
    Interactive Whiteboards, Digital Signage and Projection

  • Crescent Purchasing Consortium: MFD and Digital Transformation Framework
    Multifunction Printers, Managed Print Services, Print Room, Audio Visual Solutions, Document Services, IT Services

  • NEPA: National Education Printer Agreement
    Multifunction Printers, Managed Print Services, Print Room Solutions
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Frameworks offer flexible purchasing methods and favourable contractual terms to the Public Sector buyers, along with technology operating leasing compliant with IFRS 16 for multifunction printers, AV solutions and laptops, providing effective management of IT budgets.

Flexible terms (including AV, laptop, printer, and photocopier leasing) enable organisations to realise their vision for transformational technology refresh programmes.

Our aim is not just to be your delivery partner for your next technology services project, we believe in developing long term relationships and continually work to improve our service delivery methods. We understand the challenges the Pandemic has brought to organisations and how it has accelerated technology and workplace change in offices and learning environments.

Our people and our technologies are here to help you create a fully connected working or learning environment, supporting you whatever stage you’re at in your digital transformation journey.

Printers, Photocopiers & Managed Print Services

Sharp’s printers and photocopiers are deployed by hundreds of public sector organisations, in both educational and corporate settings to deliver sustainable print, copy and scanning solutions. Our award-winning range is designed to meet virtually any print or photocopying need.  

Sharp’s portfolio ranges from simple, compact devices for small offices, right through to feature-rich, high-volume production printers for all your print room and reprographics needs.  

Our managed print services allow you to further optimise printing in your office, or school. Reduce costs, waste and environmental impact through monitoring and controlling printing, and increase uptime.  

Set up secure automated processes with Sharp’s document management solutions, to file student documentation, or to handle your council’s invoices. 

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AV Solutions 

Our AV solutions allow you to create collaborative, inspiring meeting spaces for your teams, and cater for enhanced remote worker communication through video conferencing and hybrid meetings.

Holding attention in the classroom is difficult enough at the best of times, but when you’re challenged with remote or blended learning, it becomes even trickier. Our interactive whiteboards for schools can help you to deliver engaging and meaningful lessons to pupils in school or at home.

Our fully mobile interactive touchscreen tables give you the tools for teamwork, learning, and keeping connected. With three types of table available, they are ideal for collaborating with colleagues, increasing engagement when teaching and learning, and for enhancing care.

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IT Services, Support & Hardware

Whether you need secure server support, remote helpdesk access or someone to take full control of your organisation’s IT infrastructure, Sharp has IT services and support that can be tailored according to your needs. 

Our cloud-based telephony solutions are designed to help your teams work smarter and communicate from anywhere. 

Our multi-core Dynabook laptops for education and business feature long battery life, and all the tools and features you need for an effective work or study day. 

Friendly IT helpdesk support

Furniture & Facilities

It’s simple to create a stimulating, healthy and safe working or learning space for your people, with our range of furniture and facilities, also available through frameworks.

Our innovative AV furniture solutions combine tables with professional digital screens to create the ultimate mobile solution for small group work or study.

An extensive portfolio of office and classroom furniture offers a wide range of styles and features to suit any space or budget.

We can also support you in creating a healthy environment, with air purifiers. Plasmacluster from Sharp aids with the reduction of airborne particles to help keep your staff, students and visitors safe and healthy.

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Visitor Management Systems 

It’s never been more important to know who is onsite at your public sector organisation. Sharp’s visitor management systems enable you to protect the people within your buildings, while remaining compliant with health and safety guidelines and GDPR directives. 

Pupil safeguarding is of the upmost importance. With Sharp’s electronic sign in system for schools, students, parents, visitors and contractors can register themselves on-screen or using their own devices, providing visibility of who’s on-site at the touch of a button. 

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Digital Transformation Services 

Learning environments, healthcare bodies, councils and housing associations have recently experienced an unexpectedly rapid transition towards remote working and learning.

At Sharp, we can help you identify the new approaches, environments and technologies needed for public sector digital transformation. Our aim is not to move you in an uncomfortably unfamiliar direction towards a faceless, virtual workplace, but to help your organisation better serve its people and your customers with collaborative working.

Digital transformation through digital data

Why choose Sharp as your technology partner?

Our public sector customer base ranges from primary schools to councils and housing associations. We’ve built up a reputation for excellent value for money, quality service, innovation, and first-rate account management, and work closely with each organisation to understand and exceed their expectations.