A man using a laptop
A man using a laptop

Learn About Business Laptops

Supercharge productivity with the right business laptops.

What to consider when choosing a business laptop

We know that workers need a PC with power, performance, and portability. They need a device that will get the work done without halting productivity.  

What to consider when choosing a business laptop 

Size and portability

Smaller is easier to travel with, but often comes at the expense of power. The best business laptops combine both multitasking speed and all-day battery life. 


Carrying a heavy laptop around all day – or even around the office – is not ideal. Choose a laptop that lets your people pick up with ease and collaborate wherever they are.  


No one wants a slow laptop. You need capable processors and plenty of memory to be able to cope with today’s demanding apps. 

Battery life 

The working day can easily stretch beyond 8 hours. Small, portable laptops offering at least 10+ hours are now available. 

We know that different roles require different tools, so we’ve crafted a suite of the very best business laptops, each offering a different specification to meet your needs and accompanied by a comprehensive range of accessories. 





Business Laptop Categories

We've identified three distinct business laptop categories; Business Ultimate, Business Advanced, and Business Essential.

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Business Ultimate

Ultra-light, ultra-slim, ultra-powerful. When it comes to the best business laptop, our Business Ultimate range is the best of the best.  

With incredible processing power, lightning-quick performance, and crisp visuals, no task is too taxing. It’s a lightweight laptop with heavyweight performance.  

Injecting a little creativity? No problem. Simply flip or detach the touchscreen and you’re in tablet mode, writing with a stylus as naturally as you would with a pen on paper.  

Business Ultimate doesn’t compromise on connectivity, either. USB-C lets you connect peripherals, power, and transfer data at unparalleled speed. 

All this, and you’ll have power to spare when the day’s over – the long-life batteries can keep you going for up to sixteen hours. And when you’re running low, we’ve got you covered with ultra-fast charging.   

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Business Advanced

For small and medium businesses, striking a balance between quality, performance, and price is critical. That’s where our Business Advanced range comes in.  

Slim, durable, and prioritising performance, our small business laptops offer everything the modern mobile or remote worker needs.  

Emailing all day? The high-brightness, glare-reducing screen will keep you focused without eyestrain or distractions. No Wi-Fi? Optional Long Term Evolution connectivity helps you stay connected while on the move. And day-long battery life means charger anxiety is a thing of the past.  

To keep your data safe, we’ve added biometric security features and a range of other authentication measures too.

A woman working on a laptop

Business Essential

Our Business Essential range has productivity at its heart, providing you with the tools to get the job done - without breaking the bank.   

Top-of-class security keeps your data safe, while powerful processors make light work of heavy-duty tasks. This, paired with high portability and eye-catching aesthetics makes it a formidable package. 

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