AV Wall Mounts

A screen wall mount lets you create professional-looking, clutter-free workspaces by attaching your display to a wall. Sharp’s wall mounts are the perfect match for our displays and can be an ideal space-saving alternative to stands.  

Worry-free wall mounts 

Our low-profile wall mounts mean that when you create a wall display, the display is what you’ll see – without any unnecessary bulk or weight. Our screen wall mounts were made to bear the weight of our displays and tested to take four times their stated load capacity.  

Plus, clever additions such as anti-tampering security screws mean your screens are in no danger of being removed from your wall mounted position without permission. 

Perfect positioning 

Just because you opt for wall-mounted screens doesn’t mean you’ve lost the freedom to adjust. Sharp’s wall mounts allow for easy post-installation horizontal and vertical adjustment for perfect levelling and positioning.  

Our range also includes models with open wall plate designs, so access is easy for electrical and cable management, letting you effortlessly connect or disconnect.  

Upgrade your meeting rooms with display solutions that give everyone the perfect view and allow great ideas to bloom. 

Wall mounts 

Our wall mounts work with a range of wall surfaces, including wood studs, concrete, cinder block or metal studs.  

From modern meeting rooms to home offices, reception areas to office kitchens, transform any space into a hub of business, with wall mounts that don’t impose upon the aesthetic flow of your building or disrupt your workflow. 

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