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What is print management software?

From the cloud to 5G and beyond, digital transformation is helping everyone increase efficiency and reduce costs - and the same applies to photocopiers and printers. Digital transformation has extended to these office-essential machines, allowing for digital automation, and with print management software, greater efficiency, enhanced security, reduced environmental footprints and lower costs.  

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One eye on efficiency

Closely monitoring your printer usage may seem the best way to ensure efficiency, but it can be a serious drain on time. Physically checking on every machine to monitor toner levels or paper supplies, as well as finding and diagnosing any errors can take your staff away from fulfilling their own duties. 

A print management system removes the need for manual checks of paper and toner levels. Instead, with print management, all this information is placed in one central location for you to check at a glance. It’s automated for simplicity too, helping you save time and money. 

No matter how many printers you have – from a fleet of multifunction printers to just a few single-function devices – you can see them all from a single dashboard. 

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Keeping to the rules

Rules-based printing means you can limit or restrict access, making sure that only those people who need to print, copy or scan have the option to do so. The result is lower costs, and unnecessary colour output and waste kept to a minimum. 

Plus, to ensure total security, a print management system can be configured to require users to identify themselves before retrieving their documents - an excellent risk-reduction measure in any office where sensitive information is being printed. What’s more, these security and print management features can help with regulatory compliance.  

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Total clarity for document and print management

Document management is not just a matter of minimising waste and upholding your environmental policies – it goes hand-in-hand with office security. For example, without document and print management software, you may never know if a sensitive document has been printed, copied or scanned by someone without the authority to do so.   

A robust print management system gives visibility of every device, so you know when and why your multifunction printers are being used and precisely who used them. 

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