Nursery Tables & Chairs

Nursery tables and nursery chairs 

Sharp has over 40 years’ experience in providing Early Years and Nursery furniture to schools up and down the UK. As a nationwide leader in educational furniture, we are uniquely placed to deliver comfortable, cost-effective classroom furniture solutions that meet every last requirement of a modern educational environment.   

We don’t see ourselves purely as Nursery school furniture suppliers. We treat each individual client as a partnership – from design to supply and installation. Our team of accredited furniture experts will be there every step of the way to ensure that your school ends up with precisely the right solution for your organisation. We take our reputation very seriously – it’s all about exceeding expectations and adding value wherever we can. 

Boy and girl sat on wooden chairs at a table in a nursery with storage behind.

What to consider when buying nursery furniture 

  • Budget – Before you go to market for Nursery school furniture suppliers, it’s important to establish a budget that relates to the minimum amount of equipment that you need. Your purchasing options should always relate back to how much you plan on spending. 
  • Safety – When it comes to pupil safety, no stone should be left unturned. Consult with your staff to highlight any pressing health and safety needs, and make sure these are addressed in the Nursery chairs and tables that you buy. 
  • Storage – Classroom space is often at a premium. You’re not always going to need your school furniture to be located in the middle of the classroom. Look around for suitable storage spaces and make sure that your Nursery tables and chairs can be easily transported and stored around the school. 
  • Zoning –Layout is key in building comfortable, productive classrooms for children to thrive within. Consider the shape and size of your tables – e.g. circular, rectangular, trapezoid – and how they’ll fit together to form your learning environment. 
  • Materials – Nursery furniture needs to be durable and easy to maintain, relative to the unique challenges of each classroom environment. 
Wooden bookcases, storage cupboards, tables and chairs in a nursery with alphabet bunting on the wall.

Nursery tables 

Explore our range of nursery tables.

Wooden table, storage cupboards and bookcases in a nursery with alphabet bunting and green plastic chairs

Communal nursery tables/desks

Round, square or rectangular classroom tables and school desks, available in wide range of dimensions and designed to accommodate compact chair storage when not in use. 

Nursery teacher and children sat on wooden chairs at a semi circular wooden table colouring

Semi-circular tables

Broad, semi-circular tables with adult space for group teaching sessions. 

Boy and girl sat at on chairs wooden table in nursery eating grapes

Coffee/toddler tables

Low-rise coffee tables for pupil breakout areas, with under-table storage, and small ‘Just for Toddlers’ tables to serve a variety of classroom functions. 

Nursery seating 

  • Nursery chairs and sofas - All-in-one, upholstered, wooden reading chairs and sofas. Available as single seated units, or as an extended seating solution with space for multiple children. 
  • Toddlers’ chairs - High-backed wooden chairs that provide maximum comfort throughout the school day. 
  • Sturdy chairs - High-backed, high-sided Nursery chairs with carrying handles, designed to be sturdy and comfortable at the same time. 
  • Stacking chairs - Traditional, stackable beech classroom chairs for use around communal tables and desks. 
  • Feeding chairs - High and low feeding chairs with adjustable food trays.
  • Teachers chairs – Adult-friendly chairs with the same design aesthetic as standard Nursery chairs, to keep the same look and feel throughout the classroom. 
Nursery teacher sat on wooden chair reading a book to boy and girl sat on chairs.