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Meeting Room

Outstanding meeting room and boardroom technology that helps bring ideas to life and decisions to fruition.

The Meeting Room environment

The decision-making hub where people come together, the meeting room, boardroom and conference room are a fundamental part of small to medium businesses and corporate companies worldwide. Meeting rooms are where many things happen; one-to-one’s take place, candidates come for interviews, and teams members across the business collaborate to cultivate ideas and make business-critical decisions with clients and colleagues.

At Sharp, we understand the challenges that meetings can present, particularly when involving multiple stakeholders, locally and globally. At times, you need a creative, thought-provoking space to brainstorm ideas and collaborate interactively with your teams. But, equally, you need an environment where you can concentrate on strategy, discuss finances, operational plans for the future or meet with clients.

And so, a contemporary environment with advanced technology that won’t let you down is the modern solution to create a space of innovation, collaboration and enterprise within your organisation, no matter the size.

Be present and productive with enhanced meeting room solutions

Smart technology built into our large interactive displays such as Sharp’s BIG PAD enables businesses to easily meet others with global reach. You can connect multiple users, and allow everyone to see presentations, watch videos, and enjoy an interactive experience with others as though present in the room.

Our digital displays and highly interactive AV software and accessories offer ideal solutions for less formal ad-hoc meetings, where digital delivery boosts enthusiasm and engagement. Research* shows that employees can spend at least 17 hours a month in meetings, so you want to make sure they actively benefit from being there.

Clever and practical interactive tools and displays create a stimulating environment for colleagues and clients, where eyes are up and minds are engaged in the meeting. 

* Research conducted for Sharp Europe by Censuswide. 1,003 office workers in companies with 100-499 employees in the UK surveyed online, October 2017. 

A team meeting

Enhance your meeting room

A solution for every meeting space

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Meeting Room


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Conference Room


Do more with dynamic digital display

Productivity increases, and imaginations run free when a company presents information in a compelling and innovative way. And, we also know that one size doesn’t fit all, so we design our technology to suit large boardroom meetings, training sessions, creative spaces and small huddle groups.

With our dynamic digital display, you can deliver visual and audio excellence with clarity and stunning performance, connect your teams and stakeholders, set the tone for better decision-making, and deliver more impressive client meetings that get results.

Optimise meetings to make every minute count

Time is precious and no more so than when critical decisions and deadlines are at stake. But, equally, as expert research* finds that we can only maintain peak performance for between 45 and 90 minutes, your meeting needs to make an impact quickly and effectively. So whether you are discussing the next fiscal year, having critical conversations with a major client or making plans for the future, enhancing the technology in your meeting room will help optimise your time and maximise your efforts.

Take your meetings to the next level with a fresh approach to collaboration and connectivity in your business - Explore our AV equipment, digital display options and more.

* How to have better meetings - Sharp Europe/ Tony Schwartz at The Energy Project.

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