Photocopier Leasing

What is a photocopier lease? 

Photocopier leasing is designed to take the stress out of financing workplace print equipment. It allows businesses and schools to spread the cost of printers and photocopiers over a predetermined period,, so that those organisations can use more advanced devices that would typically be too expensive to purchase outright.  

Photocopier leasing

How does photocopier leasing work? 

Just like car leasing, a photocopier lease will spread the cost of the print equipment you choose, over 3 or 5 years, whichever is more suitable for you and your organisation. The size of your monthly payments will depend on the length of contract you choose. When the contract period has ended, you’ll be able to return the equipment and take out a replacement lease agreement on a newer device.  

Desktop photocopier

What are the benefits of photocopier leasing? 

Printers and photocopiers are vital to modern businesses, not just for their print capabilities, but for advanced features like mobile printing and their use as scanners. The choice organisations need to make is whether they want to purchase or lease the equipment 

Here are the benefits for leasing: 

  • Advanced equipment - because the cost is spread out, you’ll be able to pick a higher spec machine with more advanced features. This will help your organisation streamline its processes and increase productivity. 

  • Tax and easy budgeting – you’ll be able to choose between monthly or quarterly payments, which tends to be much cheaper than photocopier purchase or photocopier rental. Lease payments are also tax deductible, which helps with cash flow and budgeting. 

  • Flexibility and choice – when you reach the end of your lease agreement, if you’re happy with your equipment, you’ll have the option to retain it, or if you’d like a little more functionality it can be upgraded to a newer model. Most lease agreements will also allow you to upgrade your device when you’re part of the way through the lease period, if required. 

Photocopier leasing vs outright purchase 

Technically, when an organisation chooses to lease their print equipment, that equipment is still owned by the organisation that finances it.  

When there’s a photocopier for sale and an organisation purchases the equipment outright, it is owned entirely by the organisation that purchased it.  

Printer display panel docuware

How does photocopier leasing work with Sharp? 

If you choose to partner with us for your photocopier lease, we’ll first utilise our print audit service to determine your exact volume, functionality and security requirements.  

Once we’ve worked with you to establish what you need from your photocopier contract, we’ll present you with a range of options for financing the equipment we’ve recommended. Our approved finance partners are:  

  • PEAC Finance – from plant and manufacturing equipment to copier leasing, the Pan-European Asset Company (PEAC) provide B2B lease rates, with a focus on strengthening relationships in the UK. 

  • Siemens Financial Services – SFS is the financing arm of the Siemens Group, established in the UK in 1843. They offer competitive finance options and cost-effective rates.  

  • CF Corporate Finance – with over 25 years of experience CF Corporate deliver finance and leasing options that focus on helping you achieve sales and growth.   

Depending on the finance provider you choose, the costs may vary slightly, but finance will be offered as a cost-per-copy contract, so you pay based on the number of pages you print or copy. 

For a cost-per-copy fee, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of Sharp’s managed print services. For one easy monthly or quarterly payment, you’ll get your hardware and all the associated supplies and support included, just as you would with a car lease.

By partnering with Sharp, you’ll get:

  • No hidden fees, with delivery, installation, and end user training provided as standard.  

  • Preventative maintenance checks to proactively avert breakdown to help keep you up and running 24/7.  

  • Automated ink and toner deliveries when your machine reaches a certain threshold, so you can keep on printing.  

  • A targeted 4-hour response time with all machine repairs and spare parts included.  

Partner with Sharp - photocopier leasing

What type of devices can be leased?

If you decide that photocopier leasing is best for you and your organisation, there are many options you can choose from.

  • Office printers & photocopiers - office printers & photocopiers are machines that take care of all your office print and copy needs. 

  • Desktop printers & desktop photocopiers - desktop printers & photocopiers tend to be smaller machines designed for minimal print volume. 

  • Multifunction printers - also known as all-in-one, multifunction devices are rich in functionality. 

  • Colour printers and photocopiers – colour printers & photocopiers allow organisations to print and copy in full colour. 

  • Black & white printers and photocopiers – also known as mono devices, black & white printers and photocopiers only print in black and white and tend to be cheaper than colour machines. 

  • Light production printers – light production printers are designed for higher volume and higher quality prints, like A4 booklets.  

  • Wide format printers – wide format printers print on better-quality and larger media. They are often used for banners, posters, architectural drawings, vehicle image wraps and theatrical sets.  

Man using all-in-one / multifunction printer

Photocopier leasing for schools 

The government stipulates that Local Authority Schools and Academies should use a School Operating Lease, instead of the normal finance or capital lease route a business would take. 

Similar to a business lease, at the end of an Operating Lease agreement the school can either return the device or extend the lease period.  

School pupil - photocopier leasing

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it better to buy or lease a printer? 

This depends entirely upon your financial situation and functionality needs. Although printers and photocopiers are widely used, the technology within is advanced and remains expensive. It may be more beneficial to lease a device across a number of years to spread the cost.

What information do I need to provide to be approved for a lease?  

Most finance providers will require proof that your organisation has been operational for a minimum of three years. For companies not yet at that threshold may still be considered, a Director’s Guarantee can sometimes be provided for the lease to be approved.  

How much does it cost to lease a printer or photocopier?  

Leasing costs can vary depending on the cost of the device you choose. The best way to get a price is to contact us and get a quote. 

I’m worried about document & print security, what can I do?  

There are a number of security measures built into Sharp’s devices as standard. You can also implement print management software to lockdown and protect your confidential organisation data. Have a look at Sharp’s document management services here