Professional delivering training session with on-screen presentation

AV Training

AV training from Sharp is tailored to your needs, to ensure that you’re getting the most from your audio visual solutions.

Why is AV training so important? 

At Sharp, support doesn’t end once your AV equipment is installed. To ensure you’re making the most of your chosen AV solutions, we provide bespoke post-installation audio visual training to all of our clients. 

User buy-in 

It’s important to ensure that every user feels confident in being able to operate your AV equipment, and that it makes their job easier. Most users will be enthusiastic and possess the requisite levels of technical knowledge, but others may find themselves reverting to old practices. 

Get the most out of your equipment 

AV training will help your organisation to understand the full range of benefits that your chosen solution offers, and highlight useful features that may not have been considered. 

Support agile working 

With AV training, your employees will be able to use equipment efficiently and effectively, whether onsite, at home, or on the road, driving collaboration and communication wherever they are. 

Small group of colleagues at training session

Will Sharp’s AV training be suitable for my organisation?  

Every AV installation is different, and each client possesses a different level of technological aptitude. Unlike other AV Installation companies, we go above and beyond to ensure that your AV training programme follows a process designed to meet your organisation's needs: 

  • Booking - Time is precious, so the first stage is to agree a convenient time and place to deliver your AV training to any staff who require it, either in-house or remotely.
  • Training analysis - We’ll meet with you to understand your level of knowledge and experience of using AV equipment, and how a solution will be used within your organisation. 
  • Training programme - We’ll use the information gained from the training analysis to develop a bespoke training schedule.
  • Delivery - Your custom AV training programme will be delivered by our highly experienced AV Consultants – either on a one-to-one basis, or via group sessions, dependent on your needs. 
  • Feedback - At the end of your AV training session, we’ll hand out a short feedback survey to ensure that the training has met your expectations. 
Formal training session with on-screen presentation

AV training for every application

We offer AV training for all of our audio visual solutions, in all environments, including:

Teacher and student writing on interactive screen with stylus

AV training for education 

Our interactive display training in schools and educational establishments ensures that teachers are able to use the entire range of features and subject-specific templates and tools. 

We’ll show you how to import your existing lesson plans into our Hive software so that they’re ready for immediate use, allowing you to focus on what matters most – teaching.

Colleagues in huddle meeting with video conferencing

AV training for Meeting Room Solutions 

All of our AV services and solutions are tailored to the specific needs of the meeting room that they’re installed in, and so are our training plans. 

Our highly-qualified AV Consultants will provide thorough demonstrations and bespoke training for your video conferencing hardware, digital interactive whiteboards (BIG PAD) and associated Sharp applications.

Digital signage display in busy canteen

AV training for digital signage 

Whatever the environment – from retail or hospitality to corporate spaces – our expert AV Consultants deliver precisely the right digital signage display training. 

We’ll show you how to set up your media player and ensure you’re confident in creating, scheduling and publishing content through your digital signage solution.