Classroom Chairs

Classroom chair solutions 

For over 40 years, Sharp has been supplying the UK education industry with bespoke seating solutions that fulfil a broad range of classroom functions. 

When you purchase classroom seating from Sharp, you’re entering into a partnership with the one of the UK’s leading school furniture suppliers. 

We’ll consult with you to gain a thorough understanding of your requirements, before recommending a comfortable, cost-effective solution that works for your staff, pupils and visitors alike. 

School classroom with rows of classroom chairs and desks with AV screen mounted on the wall

Classroom seating: what to consider 

We understand that each school has a different set of requirements, and no two classrooms are the same. When it comes to choosing the right chairs for your school, there are numerous factors to consider: 

  • Budget - Before you start to look for school chairs, have a think about how many you need alongside how much you have to spend. Budgetary constraints are a common problem within the UK education sectors and you’re not always going to be able to purchase the chairs that you want. Establish the minimum amount of chairs that you require, and work back from there. Above all, you need to ensure that the classroom seating that you purchase is functional. 
  • Safety - Look around your classroom spaces and try and gauge the kinds of chairs that would present the minimal amount of risk to your staff and pupils. School furniture suppliers will be able to consult with you on the health and safety implications of various classroom seating solutions. Plan out where each chair is going to be installed and try to visualise any inherent risks. 
  • Storage - Plastic chairs for children aren’t always going to be tucked under a desk when they’re not being used. Sometimes, you’re going to need your classroom’s floor space to be cleared for other activities. Have a think about how your chairs are going to be stacked, and where you’re going to store them when they’re not in use. 
  • Materials - Classroom seating is available in broad range of materials – from polished MDF to maple and moulded plastic. Each material comes with a different price point and varying levels of durability.   
  • Zoning - School chair zoning incorporates spatial design philosophies that improve classroom learning by focusing attention on the teacher and eliminating any unnecessary distractions. Comfortable, complementary seating plays a big part in contributing towards a productive learning environment.  
Curved school desk with orange stools in a science lab with wall mounted screen

Sharp’s range of school chairs 

We offer an extensive range of school furniture products, from small plastic chairs for children ideal for primary school desks, to early years and nursery furniture, metal-legged chairs, pepperpot stools, high chairs, chairs with fitted swivel bases and all other kinds of school furniture such as desks and drawers.    

Our nursery tables and chairs are designed to provide your pupils with the maximum amount of comfort throughout the school day, as well as being cost-effective, easy to clean and stackable for storage. 

Birds eye view of open plan school area with bench tables and seating, curved cushioned seating and banks of desks and chairs.