Management of Chemical Substances

Sharp is pursuing environmental friendliness across all of its business activities.

Responsible use of chemicals in our products

Sharp products are manufactured from a multitude of parts and materials and contain a wide range of chemical substances. These are also used in the production processes in our factories.

Chemical substances contained in Sharp products enhance the performance and quality of products. Still, we are very mindful that some can have adverse effects on the natural environment and human health when mismanaged. 

In the past, pollution and environmental problems caused by chemical substances were commonplace. Today, many countries require companies to manage chemical substances effectively to combat those issues and work towards sustainable development goals.

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Chemical Substance Management System

Some legislation may include labelling requirements or a prohibition or restriction on the use of specified chemical substances. Others require information management on product contents data, reporting the amounts of pollution discharged into the atmosphere and water areas, controlling the working environment, and occupational health management.

In accordance with our Basic Environmental Policy of “Creating an Environmentally Conscious Company with Sincerity and Creativity", the Sharp Code of Conduct stipulates the management of chemical substances as follows, on the precondition of compliance with applicable environmental laws, regulations, and regional agreements.