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Dull, static lessons and meetings are a thing of the past. With our range of software* for Sharp BIG PAD Interactive Displays and Windows collaboration displays*, you can unlock the power of group productivity. Interactive touchscreen software enhances meetings, makes lessons more engaging and makes workplace collaboration easier than ever.   

Our interactive touch software is the perfect complement to our touchscreen interactive displays. Discover how our AV software and equipment support your group sessions, improve productivity and enhance peer-to-peer connection.  

Move beyond meetings and lessons  
Make meetings and lessons engaging, powerful experiences with Sharp Touch Viewing interactive display software. Easily share and edit content from a range of applications, including Microsoft Office on any standard business laptop, with the touch of a finger, making presentations, lessons and creative sessions more dynamic and efficient.  

Prefer to use a pen? Then try our Passive Pen stylus for precise annotation and easy highlighting.

Enable teamwork wherever you are 
Transform your meetings for the world of hybrid working. No matter where people are or what device they are using, they can communicate, collaborate and share ideas using Sharp Display Connect*, which connects directly to our BIG PAD interactive displays.  
One-click meeting initiation
To help people manage their meetings, our Synappx Collaboration Hub software acts as a digital assistant, seamlessly starting meetings by tapping your smartphone on a Synappx NFC tag or at the click of a button on the Synappx Go app across platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and more.

Boost productivity through environmental factors 
Armed with insights about temperature, humidity, light and air quality with our Windows collaboration display, you can ensure maximum comfort in meeting environments, so your people do and feel their best.  

Take the experience even further with our OPS and Mini OPS add-in cards, bringing multi-device communications and networking to your displays.  

Your workspace as a creative hub  
Put collaboration and creativity at the heart of what you do. Our range of accessories, stands and wall mounts are attractively designed, but discreet and unobtrusive and easy-to-install, enabling you to get the most out of our interactive touchscreen software solutions. 

Discover our range of interactive screen software today. 

*Note: All interactive Sharp BIG PADs feature Sharp Pen Software and Sharp Touch Viewing software as standard. Sharp Display Connect is optional. 
**Please check compatibility with your selected model 

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