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IT Consultancy

Sharp IT Consultancy services can offer strategic advice and guidance as well as everyday IT support, making technology easy.

As technology continues to evolve it can be confusing and difficult to understand the solutions available to help your organisation succeed. You need to know you’re making decisions that will help you to achieve your business goals and get the maximum value out of every investment - without letting costs spiral or compromising on compliance. That's where IT consultancy companies can help.

Success depends on maintaining a fine balance between investing wisely in new technologies and maximising the performance of those you already have. This can be challenging, time-consuming and resource-heavy. Being able to rely on a team who have extensive IT consultancy experience and knowledge, as well as your best interests at heart means that you can focus on your priorities. 

IT Consultancy - from a team of technical experts

IT consultancy firms act as third-party technology specialists offering expert advice and guidance, as well as supporting you in making the right choices for the wellbeing of your business and providing you with valuable additional resource. Your dedicated Technical Consultant will be able to advise you on how best to use technology to achieve your business objectives.

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Sharp IT consultancy services are designed for you

Partnering with a managed service provider can feel a bit daunting. After all, it’s your business and your IT, but we understand – we’ll get to know you and your challenges, making everything as easy and seamless as possible. 

You will have a dedicated Technical Consultant who gets to know your organisation and the areas you wish to improve and who will work with you to create a detailed IT Roadmap, making planning for the future and budgeting easy.  

We’re ready to offer advice and guidance key business decisions, to save you money, remove hassle, and increase productivity  – for example, if you are planning to migrate your systems to the cloud, we will manage the project from start to finish. We are always proactive and focused on ensuring you have everything you need to achieve your business goals - now and into the future.

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Solutions for every eventuality

Sharp’s IT Consultancy is here to keep your technology on track with professional, technical support where you need it most. Think of us like an extension of your own business. What’s more, we offer a range of other IT Services, IT Support, IT Helpdesk, IT Solutions and IT and Computing solutions to keep you productive, safe and efficient every day you’re at work. 

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Sharp’s IT Consultancy Services

At Sharp, our mission is to make technology easy and we are firm believers in having a consultative and collaborative approach when it comes to IT and technology for each of our client’s organisations. We could easily recommend solutions to you that we think could potentially benefit your business and teams, but do they actually align with your business goals and what you are trying to achieve.

What does IT Consultancy mean to Sharp?

IT consultancy companies will be unable to support you without having a full understanding of what your company is all about and the vision you have for the future. This is why IT consultancy is extremely important to us, as we will make sure that we fully absorb your business needs and only recommend the solutions that we think will enhance your business and teams to improve productivity, efficiency and reduce costs where we can

We believe that a consultative approach is always the best way in developing relationships with clients and we always design tailored IT solution packages, as opposed to offering technologies that may not necessarily be beneficial for your team and your business’ overall objectives.

IT consultancy companies will be unable to support you without having a full understanding of what your company is all about and the vision you have for the future. 

Your Technical Team

Each of our clients who have an IT Support contract with us benefits from being provided with a small helpdesk team as well as a dedicated Technical Consultant and Account Manager, who will get to know their business inside out and act as the familiar first point of contact for all things IT.

What to expect from your Technical Consultant

Your Technical Consultant will take full control of your IT needs, either delivering specific projects – whether this is independently or working alongside your existing IT team. They are not just there when things go wrong, they work continually to develop your IT systems, which will benefit your whole team and their productivity. 

They will have a set number of site visit days where they’ll come in to either review your systems, offer IT/technology recommendations for improving business operations and efficiency or work on specific projects that have been outlined. 
On each site visit, your Technical Consultant will work closely with you to ensure that we deliver the service you expect. All proactive visits will be organised for the year ahead. The number of days they spend on-site is determined by your needs as is the support they will give on the site visit.

Your Technical Consultant does so much more than support you and offer IT strategy consulting, their proactive approach will ensure we understand your business and provide appropriate and valuable advice as well as any suggestions.