Photocopier Relocation

Request Machine Relocation

Need to move your printer or photocopier? We're here to help

As part of our value add services we can support you in moving or relocating devices and equipment to their new location in the existing building or completely new locations.

Please be aware that we need at least 10 working days’ notice of a machine move to guarantee your desired movement date.

We would advise any machine relocation is arranged through Sharp directly to ensure that your products are only moved by a suitably trained team. This covers the equipment in case of any damage as part of the relocation. You can arrange the relocation either by completing the form below, or calling our Customer Service team via the number on the sticker on front of your device.

A machine relocation is a chargeable service. The price quoted will depend on distance and the complexity of the removal/installation. For clarification please discuss this with our Customer Service team.