Document Management Services

Take control of your data

Information is useful – but only if you can access it securely, when you need it. That’s what document management, or electronic document management (EDM), is all about. The term refers to the systems and processes used to digitally capture, store, manage, track and retrieve documents as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

It’s not a new concept either, document management systems have been around for many years. The amount of information created every day now reaches staggering levels, with some 2.5 quintillion bytes per day in 2020*, and the requirement to access that information flexibly in a hybrid working environment has never been so important. 

Every day, businesses create contracts, invoices, proposals and many other documents in both digital and printed formats, all of which are critical to their operation. However, a lot of this information can end up buried in personal systems, filing cabinets or departmental “data silos”, so it can be difficult to access, and much of its potential value simply lost. 

* “2020 Data Never Sleeps 8.0” study by Domo, Inc. 

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Effective document management solutions will enable you to:

  • Capture and organise documents – any information from any source, such as email, printers, photocopiers or office systems, can be digitally captured, classified and securely stored. 

  • Control access and increase transparency – rules can be applied to ensure only the right people have access to the right information at the right time. 

  • Increase and streamline collaboration – version control means everyone can share and review the same documents in the knowledge they are working on the most up-to-date iteration. 

  • Maintain a consistent document infrastructure – so information can be shared with other systems, such as ERP, CRM and financial applications. 

  • Manage information more securely – documents can be centrally controlled and protected from unauthorised access. 

  • Ensure compliance – audit trails and digital signature tools help ensure regulatory compliance. 

Turning documents into decisions

As part of Sharp’s Document & Print Management portfolio, our workflow solutions help everyone in a team improve efficiency by streamlining manual repetitive tasks. They let you capture documents, start a workflow and send them directly and securely to the person, application or business function that needs them.  

In the cloud or on your own servers, our document management software makes business-critical information available to authorised employees anytime, anywhere from almost any device, including phones and tablets. 

By letting you to digitally capture, safely store and share much more of your business information, our secure document management and workflow solutions can help you to: 

  • Work more efficiently – streamlining business processes to reduce error and enable speedy document access. 

  • Reduce costs – completing tasks faster, reducing the amount of printing and minimising paper archiving space. 

  • Improve audit and compliance processes – with clear traceability and faster retrieval of all relevant documents. 

  • Enhance document security – ensuring only authorised staff have access to information. 

  • Unlock new insights and revenue opportunities – with more effective sharing and consolidation of data. 

  • Deliver a better customer experience – through the rapid retrieval of relevant information when handling enquiries. 

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