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Maximise your experience with our leading AV software and accessories to complete your overall AV solution.

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AV Software & Accessories

Maximise your audio visual experience with clever software and accessories to complement your AV solutions. 

Whether you’re looking to boost connectivity, enhance presentation delivery, encourage collaboration or simplify processes, we have software for a wide variety of AV applications. 

To share your ideas and communicate your messages in any environment, stands, trollies and wall mounts are available ensuring your AV equipment is in the ideal position. 

Find your perfect solution with our range of innovative yet practical AV software and accessories.

Interactive display software

From formal board meetings to more relaxed creative sessions, lessons in the classroom to seminars in the training centre, audio visual equipment makes teamwork easier. Sharp has a range of smart and intuitive AV software and accessories to enhance your equipment and bring your meetings or presentations to life. 

The right hardware combined with complementary software gives you everything you need for the best possible experience. The right software and accessories will make collaboration easier and more effective.  

You can improve file management and your employees can easily annotate documents, use the displays as a whiteboard, present decks, hold video conferences and much more on any of our interactive BIG PADs or our Windows collaboration display.  

Sharp BIG PADs and Windows collaboration display are a whole new workflow option for your teams. Organisations across the world are already transforming their innovation and productivity with the power of these large, interactive displays and the software and accessories to maximise their output. 

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Interactive touchscreen table software

Through interactive touch software, you’ll be able to create, display and collaborate on your interactive touchscreen table effortlessly, supporting teamwork and learning or enhancing care.

There’s no learning curve – with the right software, anyone can walk up to an interactive touchscreen table and confidently start using it right away.

To get the very best from your interactive touchscreen table, there is the option to install a range of applications to suit your environment, whether it’s video conferencing for business, educational games and activities for learning environments, or innovative tools to support the delivery of person-centred care.

Children playing on interactive touchscreen table app

Digital signage software 

Intuitive and versatile digital signage software enables you to quickly, easily and remotely update your digital signage, making it as relevant and attention-grabbing as it can possibly be. Adapt your messages immediately based on current needs, news or availability, or plan your content in advance with scheduling options. 

Digital signage display in busy canteen

AV stands & trolleys 

To share your ideas far and wide, and ensure easy collaboration, display stands and trolleys are available for all audio-visual equipment. Whether it’s to enable your interactive whiteboard to move between classrooms, or to display your digital signage without having to permanently fix a screen to the wall, there is a solution for almost every environment. 

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AV wall mounts 

For sleek and professional working and learning spaces, AV wall mounts are available for every type of display. Robust yet discreet, wall mounts enable you to securely affix your audio-visual equipment in the perfect position. 

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