Group of children in classroom with display-Audio Visual-Lifestyle-Banner
Group of children in classroom with display-Audio Visual-Lifestyle-Banner


Interactive displays for schools and classrooms to excite and engage students and deliver impactful lessons that leave an impression.

The Classroom environment

From early years to school, college, university and beyond, the classroom is the hub of activity and learning for students in education. It is the room where teachers make lasting impressions on their students with lessons, training sessions, workshops and lectures. But more than that, they play a pivotal role in providing an environment to inspire, collaborate and bring together ideas and creativity. 

Innovative technology for the modern classroom

Key to providing the most productive space are solutions such as classroom screens that engage students, no matter their age group or subject matter. Interactivity with touchscreen capabilities, for example, is an excellent way of involving students in lessons, immersing them in the topic of the day and holding their attention.  

This is where our user-friendly technology and software solutions can help students and teachers develop their confidence in using smart classroom interactive displays and screens. Our BIG PAD interactive whiteboard range allows teachers and students to deliver presentations and communicate information effortlessly in a fun and interactive way. Sharp’s interactive displays in the classroom offer a modern and collaborative approach to learning, helping teachers and students of all ages to thrive in their learning environment. 

We design our technology with the user experience in mind, so they can concentrate on their subject and the output they want to deliver confidently. As a result, more innovative technology in the classroom allows teachers to focus on doing what they do best. 

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Learning for all levels...

Deliver better teaching outcomes in any educational environment

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Primary & Early Years


Students in classroom

Schools & Academies


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Higher Education and Training


Collaborate and listen

Students learn from an early age how valuable teamwork and collaboration is and our interactive displays for schools are an ideal way to help them do this. With information easy to add, view and interact with on a classroom interactive display, presentations and group classwork are easily elevated to be more engaging and deliver a lasting impact. 

Smarter technology in the classroom allows you to bring more of a communal feel to the lessons and can inspire even the most reluctant to come forward and give their contribution to the class.

Sharp delivers fun and focus to the classroom

Increase productivity and allow more efficient teaching by bringing interactivity to the classroom. Explore our AV Equipment to see how you can keep everyone engaged and focused with stunning visuals and our versatile AV Software & Accessories

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