a video conference
a video conference

Video Conferencing

Connect and collaborate with colleagues and customers from anywhere, with Sharp video conferencing solutions. Our video conferencing equipment, videotelephony and video conference apps let you get together effortlessly, keeping everyone productive.

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Online meetings with remote colleagues and customers

Video conferencing serves as a vital tool for fostering seamless communication within modern organisations. It has revolutionised the way individuals and organisations can connect and work productively together. It allows ‘face-to-face’ meetings to be held between colleagues in different countries – just as easily as if they were sitting next to each other.

While it’s true that videotelephony or a video conference app can open the door for employees to communicate and collaborate freely from anywhere, it’s also fair to say that the quality and output of this collaboration depends largely on the video conferencing equipment being used.

Poor connectivity and visuals with low-resolution make for a disappointing meeting experience and may even demotivate those involved. It’s important to invest wisely to give people a platform to develop and nurture strong ideas and working relationships.

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Work productively together, from anywhere

Sharp offers innovative, interactive telecommunication, video conferencing, and videotelephony to empower employees to connect, communicate, collaborate, and stay productive regardless of location or time zone. 

Our flexible, convenient solutions include hardware, apps, AV equipment, displays, and industry-leading platforms that bring hybrid working to life for everyone, however remote they are. All the while saving your business time, money, and hassle by avoiding unnecessary business travel. 

From routine updates, team meetings, and negotiations, to training, workshops and candidate interviews, Sharp video conferencing solutions bring your business together. 

What’s more, we offer a range of other IT Services, IT Software, and Unified Communications solutions to keep you productive, safe, and efficient every day you’re at work. 

So, what are you waiting for? Help your people stay connected – anytime, anywhere. 

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How do our Video Conferencing Solutions work?

Sharp’s video conferencing solutions work by connecting clear audio and high-quality video that enable participants to see and hear each other in real-time. With our display technology sitting at the core of the solution, Sharp partners with leading software providers like Microsoft to bring you innovative video conferencing tools such as Microsoft Teams. Screen sharing and document editing for example allow users to showcase presentations or collaborate on documents, chat functionality facilitates real-time text communication, and many platforms offer recording options to make your meeting experience more productive.

Our solutions are highly versatile and work perfectly with PC’s, laptops, and smartphones. This means your meeting participants will able to join meetings from various devices, and from wherever they are, making your meetings flexible and efficient.

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How can our video conferencing solutions help?

Improved Communication

Video conferencing allows for clearer instruction, better understanding, and enhanced comprehension by allowing people to have a conversation like they would in person. 

Time and Cost Savings

Our Video Conferencing equipment reduces the time needed to wait for in-person meetings, as well as potential travel costs and with flexible pricing options, our video conferencing solutions can help you save time and money.  


With tools like screen sharing and real-time document editing built in, your teams can work together on projects no matter their location, helping with productivity and efficiency.

Why choose us? The complete video conferencing package, from Sharp

From routine updates, team meetings and negotiations, to training, workshops and candidate interviews, Sharp video conferencing solutions bring your business together with the latest video conferencing equipment, all in one place.

  • Cameras - a wide variety of next-generation full HD camera options are available to ensure your people can be seen no matter the size of your space.
  • Microphones – our table-top or ceiling-mounted microphone technology are intuitive and smart, with voice recognition and background noise cancelling. 
  • Speakers – completely bespoke speaker solutions can be designed for your space to make sure everyone can hear loud and clear. 
  • Software – by partnering with global giants like Microsoft, our technology solutions integrate seamlessly with the software your organisation needs to keep going. 
One-touch Meeting Room Solutions

Meeting room technology is rapidly moving towards “one-touch” solutions, such as Yealink, that integrate with Microsoft Teams to offer powerful video conferencing at the touch of a button. With a dedicated touchscreen panel, users no longer need to connect their device to the equipment, reducing the time and number of steps taken to start meetings, freeing up IT teams for more critical tasks.

AI Integration

By adopting new AI tools such as Copilot for use during Microsoft Teams meetings, you can remove the need to take notes. Copilot can generate live meeting notes throughout your meeting, summarising key discussion topics and listing actionable items.

Instead of allowing note-taking to divert your focus, turn to Copilot to generate meeting notes. This assistant will gather vital points from the conversation, summarize key discussion topics, and list actionable items for you.

What’s more, we offer a range of other IT Services, IT Solutions and Unified Communication solutions to keep you productive and efficient every day you’re at work.

Interactive Displays

Sharp interactive displays offer excellent quality and intuitive ease-of-use. Whether you're in a meeting room, studio, or classroom, our interactive display solutions provide an authentic Pen-on-Paper experience, allowing users to engage naturally and effortlessly. Ranging from 43” to 86” in size, our interactive displays make collaboration a breeze.

Digital Signage Displays

From 32” to a captivating 98”, our cutting-edge digital signage solutions offer Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4K resolution to ensure crystal-clear presentation of the finer details. Adding value across retail stores, hospitality venues, schools, design studios, public spaces, transport hubs, corporate buildings, and meeting rooms, our digital signage fosters seamless communication within your organisation.