a video conference
a video conference

Video Conferencing

Connect and collaborate with colleagues and customers from anywhere, with Sharp video conferencing solutions. Our video conferencing equipment, videotelephony and video conference apps let you get together effortlessly, keeping everyone productive.

Online meetings with remote colleagues and customers

Video conferencing has been around for a while. It has revolutionised the way individuals and organisations can connect and work productively together. It allows ‘face-to-face’ meetings to be held between colleagues in different countries and continents – just as easily as if they were sitting next to each other. 

While it’s true that videotelephony and video conference apps open the door for employees to communicate and collaborate freely from anywhere, it’s also fair to say that the quality and output of this collaboration depend largely on the video conferencing equipment being used.  

Poor connectivity and visuals with low-resolution make for a disappointing meeting experience, and may even demotivate those involved. It’s important to invest wisely to give people a platform to develop and nurture strong ideas and working relationships. 

Work productively together, from anywhere

Sharp offers innovative, interactive telecommunication, video conferencing and videotelephony to empower employees to connect, communicate, collaborate and stay productive regardless of location or time zone. 

Our flexible, convenient solutions include hardware, apps, AV equipment, displays and industry-leading platforms that bring hybrid working to life for everyone, however remote they are. All the while saving your business time, money and hassle by avoiding unnecessary business travel. 

From routine updates, team meetings and negotiations, to training, workshops and candidate interviews, Sharp video conferencing solutions bring your business together. 

What’s more, we offer a range of other IT Services, IT Software and Unified Communications solutions to keep you productive, safe and efficient every day you’re at work. 

So, what are you waiting for? Help your people stay connected – anytime, anywhere. 

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