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People working on a laptop

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Sharp employs over 2400 people across 25 countries in Europe and is committed to providing a modern, dynamic workplace for everyone who works for it, with opportunities to progress, innovate and succeed.

Our people are drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds and geographies, but are experts in their field, demonstrating ambition, drive, determination and innovation.

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Sharp traits

So what type of people thrive and prosper in Sharp? In short, people who exhibit these type traits.

  • Curious, open-minded and challenging
  • Encouraging, supportive and team-oriented
  • Proactive, achievement-focused and bold
  • Passionate about working collaboratively with colleagues and customers to deliver success through technology
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The best thing about working at Sharp is that there is such a varied product portfolio that I can be involved in producing new solutions for and so I am continually having the opportunity to explore and learn about new things.
Ross Beamer

Solutions and Applications Specialist - Sharp Europe

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Over the last few years I have taken additional responsibilities to manage large scale European projects and the role of project manager. This has strengthened my communication skills significantly and my management skills.
Shinichiro Okada

European Project Manager CSP