Office Chairs

Office chairs

When it comes to office chairs, a ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t work. Sharp offers an extensive range of office chairs, suited to all working environments, and budgets. 

Choosing the right office chair for your employees helps prevent injury and skeletal stress, whilst increasing workplace comfort and productivity by reducing physical distraction while complimenting other office furniture such as office desking and storage.

People sat at task chairs in office working

Sharp’s range of office chairs 

Whether it’s to facilitate permanent 9 to 5 office staff or hybrid, remote workers - we have the solution. 

All of our solutions are available in a variety of materials and colours: 

  • Ergonomic office chairs – Designed for employees who spend a lot of time in the office, they feature height adjustors, swivel bases and tiltable backs. 
  • Operator chairs & task chairs – Designed with ergonomics in mind and fully adjustable, right through to armrests and lumbar support. Operator chairs and task chairs are designed for comfort. They are the best choice for your full-time employees – especially those with health requirements. 
  • 24-hour office chairs – Perfect for roles that facilitate staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, these chairs are designed with heavy use in mind. Typically manufactured with adjustable features and a 5-star base for added strength, the upholstery is long-lasting, dirt resistant and easy to clean. 
  • Executive chairs – The most luxurious and comfortable ergonomic office chairs available, often chosen for Senior Management and decision makers. Executive chairs facilitate maximum comfort, with a tall back, lumbar support, and adjustable components. 
  • Desk chairs – Desk chairs are engineered to allow employees to focus on the task in hand. Ideal for both office or home use, they feature adjustable height levers, swivel bases and tiltable backs. 
Glass meeting room with boardroom table and chairs

Our range of specialist chairs  

Our range of office chairs includes specialist chairs such as: 

  • Draughtsman chairs  
  • Industrial chairs 
  • Stools & saddle stools 
  • Laboratory seating 
  • Sit-stands 
Modern office space with high table and stools

Choosing the right chair 

There are many different types of office chairs available, each with their own set of benefits 

When choosing a chair for your working environment, you should consider the below: 

  • What is the chair being used for? A retail worker will need a different type of chair to an office employee, and furniture for schools and education will likewise have its own unique requirements. 
  • How many hours is the chair going to be used for? A receptionist will likely to be sat in their chair from 9am to 5pm but teachers need to move around and may not require fully ergonomic office chairs. 
  • Where is the chair going? A large, executive chair would look out of place behind a reception desk, whereas an operator chair may not look impressive to clients attending a meeting in your boardroom. It’s also important that the chair fits the overall aesthetic of the office furniture in the location it’s placed.   
  • Materials - You also need to consider the fabric and materials that your chairs and office furniture are made from – is it in keeping with your brand, culture, and values? Every element – from reception and office desking, to office storage and breakout areas – needs to reflect your brand.  
Woman sat working at a desk in a modern open plan office space

Why partner with Sharp? 

Sharp’s Furniture Division has over 40 years of experience in providing office furniture to the UK’s private and public sectors.  

We understand how to create flexible, innovative working environments using office furniture. Our broad product range ensures that your office deskingoffice storage and AV furniture will maximise comfort and productivity and create eye-catching environments.