Laptops for School and Education

Empower Young Minds with Laptops For School And Education

Tight budgets shouldn’t mean sub-par tech. That’s the guiding philosophy behind our low-cost laptops for schools.

Big performance, small price

Students and educators need to keep a close eye on the purse strings. But they also need a laptop that delivers day in, and day out. With impressive processing power capable of running multiple demanding apps simultaneously, our student-focused lightweight laptops are up to the task.   

Students need high-performing laptops too. Intense research and multiple browser tabs are no problem for multi-core laptops. We only use multi-core processors, meaning multitasking is no problem.

A child using a laptop

Drop-proof durability

Let’s face it, accidents happen. The rough and tumble of student life mean any computer needs to be extra durable. From frame to the battery, that’s why our laptops for higher education are tested for toughness. Rubber bumpers, reinforced joints, a drop-proof design, and a spill-resistant keyboard mean our laptops can take all the knocks that student life can throw.

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Grab-and-go portability

Wherever student life transpires – in the library, classroom, on the bus, or on the sofa – students need a computer that can be with them every step of the way. At little over a kilogram, our lightweight laptops for education are grab-and-go ready, fit for any student schedule. They’re small enough to keep in a standard bag or backpack, and their long battery life will keep students going through back-to-back lectures.

A man putting a laptop into his bag

Serious about security

Student data matters. That’s true now more than ever, so we aren’t slacking on security. Our laptops for education come with high-grade Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 encryption, and the option of a fingerprint reader. 

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Management made easy

Managing a fleet of education PCs needn’t give you a headache. With Microsoft’s Intune for Education service, our laptops for schools enjoy comprehensive manageability. Education IT administrators can quickly and easily pre-configure, maintain, and retire devices – all with little-to-no infrastructure required.    

A woman working on a laptop

Day-long battery

With up to ten hours of battery life, powering through the school day is a breeze. From morning classes or lectures to evening movie watching, our laptops are the all-around reliable laptops that students need. 

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