Sustainability and corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR strategy ensures that we have a positive impact on our people, the environment, our chosen charities and the community around us.

CSR in the UK

In 1973, Sharp outlined a bold business philosophy: “to contribute to the culture, benefits, and welfare of people throughout the world”. Our CSR strategy is designed to ensure that we give back as much as possible and have a positive impact on our people, the environment, our chosen charities, and the community around us.  

CSR in the UK is led by a passionate group of CSR Champions across our 16 regional offices, as part of our Employee Voice Group initiative. Sharp UK believes in giving back to the communities we operate within, and that we should take lead from our colleagues who live and work in those communities to do so.

We are proud to support our local causes at the grassroots and national charities through our Charity of the Year partnerships.

Our Charity Partner: The British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation funds over £100 million worth of research each year into all heart and circulatory diseases and the things that cause them: Heart diseases, Stroke, Vascular Dementia, Diabetes, they’re all connected, and they’re all under the microscope.

Sharp UK is a supporter of the British Heart Foundation as the charity links to our ethos of ‘being passionate about people.’ Through our relationship with the BHF, we will provide financial support through fundraising activities and help raise awareness of the important work they do.

British Heart Foundation and Sharp

Employee Volunteering Scheme

As a business, we have a huge range of skills, experience, and expertise that are invaluable to many organisations in our communities.

To demonstrate the value that we place on supporting our communities, we provide 300- paid volunteering days each year. Anyone can apply for time to volunteer to help a charity or community project, whether they use their day to paint, decorate, garden, share business knowledge and skills, or even mentor an individual.

Employee Volunteering

Sharp on the Environment

We are committed to being an environmentally advanced company and this has been Sharp’s core philosophy for many years. We’re proud that our print solutions boast some of the lowest power consumption rates in the industry. Intuitive Print Management Software like PaperCut reduces print waste, making your solution even more economical.

For over a decade, Sharp has demonstrated its commitment to environmental sustainability and preservation. We were the first manufacturer to receive the highly coveted EU Ecolabel for our development of products that adhere to high environmental standards throughout their life-cycle.

Hundreds of Sharp products have received international awards for their outstanding eco-friendly design, further helping us achieve our aim of becoming an environmentally advanced company.

In our offices here in the UK, we are working to become more environmentally friendly with local initiatives to reduce waste, increase recycling and reduce our energy consumption.

We have a Green Team which is made up of representatives who support local initiatives and help us drive best practices across our sites and encourage behavioural change to promote environmental and sustainability improvements across our organisation.

Recycling scheme