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Corporates & Large Enterprise

Innovative technologies for corporates and large enterprise businesses. Empower your people and optimise your processes with secure print, audio visual solutions, IT services and digital transformation services from a trusted global brand.

Making technology easy for corporates and large enterprise 

Having worked with corporates and large enterprise customers for many years, we understand that technology is absolutely vital to the successful operation of your business. Requirements are often complex, transient and need to accommodate numerous (and sometimes conflicting) objectives across multiple sites or departments. 

Technology needs to drive productivity and improve efficiency, while providing a flexible and inspiring working environment for your teams to operate within. It needs to keep data secure and compliant, while allowing easy access to devices and files. 

Sharp is investing long-term in helping our customers to overcome business operational challenges and maximise their technological opportunities.

Seamless technology solutions to power your organisation 

Whether you’re looking to transform your meeting rooms to accommodate new methods of working, or automate your document management processes, Sharp has innovative and dependable technology solutions that can be implemented seamlessly alongside existing methods of working, to deliver value to your organisation.

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Managed Print Services 

Printed documents remain a vital element of most workplaces.  

Managed Print Services can deliver commercial and environmental benefits, including: 

  • Lower print costs, paper usage and toner savings and paper/toner use 
  • Reduced print waste and its associated environmental impact 
  • Improved productivity through better access to the right print device 
  • Greater control of vital business information and resulting visibility 
  • Enhanced data protection and industry-leading security features 
  • Support for agile working with cloud-based print management 
  • Increased up-time and reduced administration costs with professional service and support 

When combined with document capture and workflow solutions, Sharp Managed Print Services provide powerful platforms for corporates and large enterprise to optimise internal processes, and create an efficient workplace. 

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Corporate Audio Visual Solutions 

Digital collaboration promotes mobility amongst a hybrid workforce, with an increasing reliance on video conferencing and remote meetings. The requirements for working environments are changing too. As the office becomes a space for creativity, inspiration and communication, it demands new meeting spaces and interactive technologies. 

Corporate audio visual solutions are ideal for facilitating digital collaboration and can be used for various applications, including: 

Sharp’s innovative AV solutions are designed to make the workplace an inspiring and creative space. Our experienced AV consultants design and install bespoke solutions to work across multiple applications, and business platforms. 

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IT Services and Support 

IT plays a crucial role in your day-to-day operations. You need secure, scalable and dependable IT systems, that adapt to your changing requirements, and deliver the services and capabilities that your organisation needs. 

By partnering with Sharp as your Managed IT Services provider, not only will we work closely with your business to implement resilient, innovative IT solutions, we can also deliver industry-leading cyber security countermeasures and take care of your entire IT infrastructure, including: 

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Visitor Management

Ensuring the safety and security of your visitors, employees and contractors has never been more important – or easier.

Sharp’s comprehensive Optimised Visitor Management solution enables simple and efficient touch or contactless registration, allowing your business to monitor who’s onsite, whilst also supporting legal compliance and duty of care responsibilities.

With features such as visitor pre-registration, email and SMS notifications, image capture and emergency notifications, you can report accurately on your visitor, employee and contractor data, protecting the people and places that power your organisation.


Digital Transformation 

Digital Transformation involves the discovery, planning and implementation of technology to help you achieve your commercial objectives. While many corporates and large enterprises were already considering new digital processes, the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically accelerated the need to support hybrid working. 

Sharp can become your trusted Digital Transformation advisor, supporting you with such things as: 

  • Remote working: Devices and software to create an efficient virtual workplace 
  • Cloud initiatives: Accessible Cloud-based software solutions, to reduce a reliance on physical devices, storage, and paperwork 
  • Process automation: Digitising paper-based processes to improve efficiencies  
  • Digital content and collaboration: AV solutions for effortless communication and interaction 
  • Security and compliance: Reliable IT services and enhanced security features  
  • Sustainability: Digitisation and document management to support paperless initiatives 

By considering these Digital Transformation topics alongside your current situation, Sharp can help you achieve your digital goals and uncover new opportunities for improvement. 

Digital Transformation Brochure

Why trust Sharp as your corporate and large enterprise technology partner? 

With vast numbers of people and processes to accommodate, we understand that the needs of corporate and large enterprise businesses are complex and very different to those of start-ups or small to medium businesses

As a trusted global technology brand, Sharp manufactures award-winning products and provides a high standard of professional services. 

With experience in a variety of industries, from hospitality to manufacturing, our dedicated teams install and service tailored solutions designed specifically for your business. Our UK-wide network of consultants and engineers ensure you’re covered wherever your sites or people may be.