Laser Printers

How do laser printers work?

Every workplace needs an office printer. If you're looking for a reliable, high-quality print solution, a laser printer, or multifunction laser printer are hard to beat. 

Laser printers use a laser to electrostatically charge an image onto a drum inside the printer, this charge then attracts the toner particles which are then fused to the paper using heat to create the final print. The result is crisp text and vivid images, whether you're using an A4 colour printer or an A3 black & white printer.  

Laser printer technology has become the standard for most models, not just for desktop printers but also multifunction laser printers and laser printer photocopiers.  

Laser printers work with toner rather than ink. CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and key) toners allow laser printers to create both black & white and colour prints - they are used in colour laser multifunction printers or any other laser-based device that produces full-colour documents. An A3 or A4 black & white printer will only have one toner - black.

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How to choose the best laser printer

As for an A3 colour printer, light production printer, or an all-in-one printer, laser technology can be found in a huge range of shapes and sizes. That means you can enjoy high-quality printing no matter the size of your document. 

Wireless multifunction laser printers are an excellent option, enabling quick and easy printing from any phone or laptop connected to your Wi-Fi network.


More secure printing

Your company data is precious. That’s why the best all-in-one printers offer advanced security features to protect your multifunction printer - and the data within.  

Did you know that that an unprotected device can be hacked? Modern all-in-one printers are computers – they have a processor, memory and storage. The storage contains a copy of all your prints, scans and photocopies - this can be compromised by hackers.  

That’s why the best devices feature multiple security measures designed to protect your sensitive data. Look out for features that encrypt all stored data, only grant access to applications and firmware on approved whitelists, and that back up settings to aid recovery in the event of an attack. 

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Smart management for a smart solution

For better visibility and control over your fleet of laser printers, print management software is what you need.  

This software lets you grant printer access to certain teams and individuals. For example, enabling certain departments to access colour printing. It can help improve document management and secure document storage.  

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