Desktop Photocopiers

Handy and compact

Whether you need a device for your home office, small business, or home-life admin, the desktop photocopier or printer is the perfect practical multifunction solution for low-capacity copying and printing.


Desktops are small but mighty...

While a desktop copier printer will not compete with a floor-standing A3 office photocopier, they are highly functional. Designed to suit various needs, they range from basic A4 black and white photocopiers to all-in-one desktop printers that copy, print, scan, and fax like their larger counterparts.  

Handy and compact, desktop devices are specifically designed to fit into small spaces such as shelving and individual desks. And, with smart technology, ready to plug in and use straight away, size doesn’t matter. Desktop copier printers deliver excellent performance for your small business, home office or life admin. 

Desktop photocopier

Uncompromising security in a desktop

Did you know your unprotected devices can be hacked? Desktop printers can be equipped with a hard drive or SSD that stores all data, prints, scans and copies, and it’s these copies that are susceptible to theft or tampering. Many quality desktop printers now offer a range of enhanced security features as standard or optional extras to keep company data housed on the hard drive protected, including; 

  • S/MIME encryption to prevent interception during email transmission. 

  • Serverless secure print release to ensure confidentiality. 

  • Program execution control using whitelisting.  

  • Audit trail logging. 

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A4 or A3 - which paper size do you need?

The main benefit of a desktop A4 black and white or A4 colour photocopier is that it’s compact, allowing you a breadth of copy and print functionality without taking large areas. On the other hand, A3 paper requires more extensive mechanisms to support its size. So, if you need the capability to produce booklets, posters and promotional displays, for example, you’ll need an A3 colour photocopier or A3 black and white photocopier to manage the workload. 


Convenient, versatile and practical

As the name suggests, a desktop device allows you to have your copying and printing within arm’s reach, making it convenient and practical, especially as a small business photocopier. As your activity and business grow, you can update your device with optional extras as you scale up, such as additional paper trays to increase capacity and take you from desktop to floor standing. 

Home photocopiers and printers will unlikely need to be high capacity floor-standing machines, and so for casual use, a desktop device fits the bill perfectly. Prices directly reflect the machine’s functionality. So whether you’re looking for a basic office photocopier or one that prints in colour, you can select a device that does what you need – without breaking the bank. 


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