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Solar Project Subsidy

Up to 40% subsidy on PV panels and BOS articles.

Partner with Sharp to access subsidies

Sharp is your door opener to obtain the subsidy for your project:

  • Founded in Japan 1912
  • More than 60 years of solar expertise
  • Diversified global brand with financial stability
  • Tier 1 listed supplier
  • High-quality solar panels 
  • Excellent guarantees
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Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM)

  • Benefit from up to 40% cost reduction on modules and certain BOS articles
  • The Joint Crediting Mechanism is a project-based crediting program initiated by the Government of Japan to facilitate the diffusion of low-carbon technologies in 17 different countries
  • The Japanese Ministry of the Environment provides the subsidy for the PV installation and in return they receive part of the carbon credits* generated by the project

*One carbon credit represents the right to emit a one ton of CO2. 

Japanese Crediting Mechanism Diagram (EN)

JCM eligible countries

Eligible countries by max. subsidy rate:
Up to 40%:    Ethiopia, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Mexico, Bangladesh, Maldives, Costa Rica, Cambodia
Up to 30%:    Laos, Mongolia, Vietnam, Philippines, Palau, Chile, Thailand, Indonesia  

Are you planning a PV project in one of these 17 countries? Then you may be able to obtain a JCM subsidy!

Values from 2022, subject to change

JCM Map eligible countries

Successful JCM projects amounting to over 200 MWp

Sharp has already successfully implemented more than 20 projects based on the JCM program. Here are some examples.

Mongolia PV plant

16.4 MW in Mongolia

  • Location: Khushight Khundii, Sergelen district, Tuv province, Mongolia
  • Output (module capacity): Approx. 16.4 MW-dc
  • Annual power generation capacity (estimate): Approx. 23,134 MWh/year
  • Greenhouse gas emissions reduction (estimate): Approx. 18,438 t-CO2/year
  • Start of operation: Mid June 2019

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Philippines PV plant

4 MW in the Philippines

  • Location: Tire factory, the Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. (Pampanga Province, the Philippines)
  • Output (module capacity): Approx. 4 MW-dc
  • Annual power generation capacity (estimate): 5,363 MWh/year
  • Greenhouse gas emissions reduction (estimate): 2,858 t-CO2/year (equivalent)
  • Start of operation: July 4, 2019

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large free field snowy PV solar power plant in mongolia

10 MW in Mongolia

  • Location: Darkhan, Mongolia
  • Output (module capacity): 10MW
  • Annual power generation capacity (estimate): 14,182MWh/year
  • Greenhouse gas emissions reduction (estimate): 14,746tCO2/year
  • Start of operation: December 2016

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Products based on over 60 years of solar expertise

Sharp offers you a premium product portfolio covering various sizes of monocrystalline PERC half-cell panels. Sharp PV products are used around the world, in a wide range of applications and environments. From the mountains to the desert, from icy climates to extreme humidity and heat, our PV modules have proven to be robust and reliable. Our extensive, discerning tests are based on over 60 years of industry experience and are up to five times stricter than IEC standards.


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