Video Walls

What is a video wall?

Made up of multiple display screens, a video wall offers the opportunity to create a truly impactful display area the size of which cannot be achieved with a single display. Creating a video wall with multiple HD screens can also achieve a 4K or even 8K image over an entire wall.  

Video walls also give us the opportunity break away from the conventional 16:9 aspect ratio with creative and irregular layouts, creating dynamic, eye catching and engaging installations for corporate, retail and public spaces. 

Video wall in shopping mall-Audiovisual-Product

Impressive, practical and versatile...

Easily configured to different sizes and spaces, video wall installations are ideal for large-scale brand campaigns and product promotion, presentations, and events and settings of all types: 

  • Exhibitions and roadshows 
  • Seminars and talks 
  • Events and festivals 
  • Stadiums - sports, music 
  • City centre advertising 
  • Theatre districts 
  • Major transport hubs - arrivals and departures, information 
  • Art - installations, galleries, experiential, nightclubs and museums 

With centralised controls, you can publish promotional material to cities across multiple localities, educate thousands with thought leadership talks that reach even those at the back, and cut through the competition at roadshows and exhibitions. 

Interactive display in lecture with video wall-Audiovisual-Product

Video wall installations have:

  • Clear and bright imagery - With countless resolution and size options available. 
  • Various mounting and display options - Perfect for events and retail spaces, you can customise your video wall layout and make a real impact on your audience. You can use the combined large screen as a single canvas or sub-divide it to show multiple content sources simultaneously. 
  • No need for a projector - Meaning they require less maintenance and are dramatically more user friendly. 
  • Style - Super impressive, video walls are modern and align with our digital age lifestyles. Using them shows your brand, business or event understands and appreciates the digital landscape and UX and caters for today’s customers. 

Create visual magic with Sharp. Explore our AV equipment, digital signage displays and AV software & accessories to find your perfect video wall solution. 

Video wall in university-Audiovisual-Product