Office Photocopiers

An office essential

In use for most of the working day, the office photocopier is a friend to all, best suited to serving medium to large businesses and bustling office floors. So, if you need the support of a multifunction machine that can meet the daily demands of printing, copying and scanning across all departments throughout the day, then a multifunction office printer and copier is the device for you. 

Multifunction office photocopiers are innovative, letting you conveniently collaborate with colleagues and clients with easy document sharing and workflow. Digitise your paperwork by using scan-to-email functionality so you can securely send information digitally and collaborate more easily. 


Volume and versatility...

Unlike a desktop photocopier, office photocopiers are floor-standing, meaning they can be fed by multiple trays and can support different sizes and weights of paper. As a result, there’s no need to have a separate A3 photocopier; choose an All-In-One Printer that serves as an A3 black and white photocopier or an A3 colour photocopier and print, scan, fax and finishing functionality if you need it.

Furthermore, as we move increasingly into more digitised practices, our devices can help with digital transformation with features such as scan to email, letting you send paper originals digitally to whoever needs them, wherever they are with digital workflows. 

Man using all in one printer

How fast can an office photocopier print?

The floor-standing office photocopier is significantly quicker than a desktop device, printing around 25-60 pages per minute (ppm), with up to 120ppm and scanning speeds of up to 200ppm. In addition, there are multiple advanced finishing options and features you can add, such as booklet-making, hole punching and stapling – specifically developed to help businesses grow and adapt as their business evolves.  

Built with the needs of busy teams in mind, the office photocopier can withstand constant demand for quality copies and printing. 

CR5 folding unit

For larger businesses…

Light Production Photocopiers and Printers can assist large corporate offices, reprographic departments and print rooms - where the demand reaches hundreds or even thousands of prints, copies or scans per day. People using these machines are confident that they will get quality output across the working day from a speedy, high-capacity device. 


Secure and safe, no matter the size of your business

Office photocopiers can be equipped with hard drive or SSD that stores all prints, scans and copies. Leave it unprotected, and your sensitive data can be the target of a malicious attack on your hard drive. Many office photocopiers and printers now offer a range of enhanced security features to protect sensitive data stored on company devices, fitted as standard or optional extras, including; 

  • S/MIME encryption to prevent interception during email transmission. 

  • Programme execution control using whitelisting. 

  • self-healing firmware for backing up settings and aiding recovery in the event of an attack. 

  • Serverless secure print release to ensure confidentiality. 

Finally, with optional finishing extras such as hole punching, stapling, and booklet making at your fingertips, you have an efficient multifunction machine that can do it all. 

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What is Print Management Software?

A must for any business, it can save you money on toner, paper and energy wastage.  

With the addition of Print Management Software, you can implement rules that enforce two-sided printing only or restrict specific departments to black and white while enabling colour printing for particular users, for example. To help increase document security, users must authenticate themselves before accessing the device or retrieving their print jobs. 

With the flexibility of managed print software, you can scale your copy and printing needs, tailoring the services you use to align with your growth and activity. 

Man using a software on black and white printer